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There is no other locksmith in Beaumont that can compete with The Locksmith Dublin Boss! We are the fastest, highest rated locksmith company serving the entire city and county.

Quick and Easy Lock and Key Repairs

Beaumont is a wonderful place to live or visit. It is also home to one of the most important hospitals in the entire country, the Beaumont Hospital. Nearby is the Sisters of Mercy home for the elderly which is also known for being the former home of the famous Arthur Guinness.

Losing or misplacing your keys can turn a great day into a very bad one rather quickly. But the important thing to do is not get worked up. Instead, you need to contact a trusted locksmith in Beaumont that works fast and diligently.

It’s important that you choose a company that is fully insured and has the proper equipment and experience required to do the job correctly.

The Locksmith Dublin Boss Offers Maximum Security and Protection for You and Your Family

It doesn’t matter what your specific lockout problem is, we can take care of it. We have been providing locksmith services for the residential, commercial and industrial market in Dublin for many, many years.

There is nothing we don’t know about repairing or replacing locks and keys. Just call us and we will send out a highly qualified technician to you, as fast as possible.

The list of top quality services we offer is almost endless but the most common issues we deal with are:

  1. Car Opening Service
  2. Commercial Lock Installation and Repair
  3. Residential Lock Installation and Repair
  4. uPVC Door and Window Locks
  5. Key Cutting Services

1. Our Expert Locksmiths Are Hugely Experienced

If you end up locking yourself out of your car or home then you want to have the most experienced locksmith in Beaumont to help you. That’s where our experts come in. We only hire professionals that have extensive knowledge and training.

Our techs are also obliged to take part in ongoing training on the newest and most sophisticated methods. This means that you won’t be left waiting around. We always get results fast.

We can repair locks and keys in record time and installing home security systems is a breeze.

2. Our Vans are Filled With the Best Equipment Available

We go through the costly process of making sure our technicians are equipped with the very best tools and equipment. We regularly upgrade the tools our professionals use, to ensure that that we stay ahead of our competition.

It also means we can take on big jobs like installing a complex home or office security system complete with high definition cameras.

But of course, we also love the small jobs like cutting a new key for your front door. Regardless of what we are asked to do, we always approach each job with professionalism and the utmost care.

3. We are Always On Standby

Many locksmith companies refuse to work 24 hours a day! We think this is crazy.

We are available every hour of every day and even work bank holidays, Christmas Day and New Years Day. There is no day of the year that we don’t have expert locksmiths in Beaumont ready and willing to help you.

So no matter what lock or key issue you have, it will be fixed in a prompt manner.

4. Our Reputation Means Everything to Us

We go to huge lengths to ensure that we have the very best reviews and ratings of any other locksmith company in Dublin. This requires us to constantly be improving our service and listening to our clients’ feedback.

We love hearing from our customers as their feedback is invaluable for creating the best locksmith service in Beaumont.

We are dependable and everything we do comes with our 100% happiness guarantee and strong manufacturer warranties.

So If You Need a Local Locksmith in Beaumont, Call Us Now!

Your first choice for affordable locksmith services should be the Locksmith Dublin Boss.

There is nobody else that will take care of your lock, key or security system repairs like we will. Call us now to get help from one of our locksmiths in Beaumont and the surrounding areas. We also offer premier locksmith services in Bayside, and our locksmith specialists in Ballymun and neighbouring areas are readily available 24/7.

We are always working around the clock to ensure the people of Dublin are never without high quality, trusted, local lock and key technicians.

We Offer a Wide Range of Lock, Key & Security Products

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