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Locking doors is quite a common thing nowadays, especially if you’re living in a city. You may trust people, but you wouldn’t trust humanity with your home.

Having your door properly locked is one of the first and foremost steps to take towards ensuring home safety. Your convenient locksmith in Kenmare offers a wide variety of services that concern your locks and keys. We are trustworthy, dependable, certified and professional.

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Wherever We’re Needed

We are available in the entire county of Kerry, whether you’ve lost your key near the Ring of Kerry, or ended up locked out of your car in Beara Peninsula, we’ve got your back. We can get to you, wherever you are in the Kerry county.

Emergencies and urgent situations are our bread and butter.

The Most Dependable Locksmith in Kenmare

The locksmith needs might not seem like emergencies, but we assure you that this is what we do for the most part. We get calls from people stuck or locked out of their homes and offices. This is why we’ve honed our response time to make sure that we can get to you, wherever you are in Kenmare, or even in the entire Kerry county in 20 minutes or less. That’s right!

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Our Professional Team

Our technicians and all other employees are trained, qualified, affable and trustworthy. We don’t employee individuals without proper ISO certification and we check their records before signing any form of contract. This is why we are the most trustworthy locksmith in Kenmare, probably even in Ireland.

Residential Locks

Although our service is impeccable, our employees affable and our equipment more than advanced, we aren’t going to leave you with pockets turned inside out. We are perfect for any residential needs. All you need to do is call us and we’ll get to you and finish your refit on the very day of your call.

The Most Trustworthy Commercial Locksmith in Kenmare

Need a commercial lock refit? We can do it for you! Our roster of available locks is huge, and we’re certain that you’ll find exactly what you need with us. Oh, and we’re more than happy to help to choose an ideal match. If you don’t like what you see, don’t worry, point your finger on your ideal lock online and we’ll have it delivered in 5 business days or less!

Emergency Locksmith

Perhaps the best part of our service is the fact that we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year, holidays o not. This means that it is us that you’ll be calling when the trouble strike at inconvenient moments. Oh, and you’ll stay with us, make no mistake.

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Emergency Car Opening

We can unlock any car on the market, regardless of its make and model. Just call us, we’ll get to you in 20 and get you back inside your vehicle in minutes. We’ll leave your vehicle absolutely intact, that’s a guarantee.

Key Cutting

Not only can we get you back into your house, office, car, truck or van, but we can provide you with a new key on the spot. Whether your key has snapped, whether you’ve lost it, or whether it got jammed in the lock, you can rely on us to help you out.

uPVC Locks

We can refit any door and window lock in your home with an incredibly sturdy and resilient uPVC unit, regardless of the door’s/window’s shape, size, age or state.

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Expertise and Professionalism at Your New Favourite Locksmith in Kenmare

We may offer things that none of our competitors does, but being able to get to your location in 20 minutes or less, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is what truly sets us apart. We know that lock issues don’t tend to have a convenient timing and we firmly believe that every locksmith in Kenmare needs to make itself available at all times. However, we are the only service that promises this.

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We might be local, but we are also Kerry-wide. If you’re looking for an efficient locksmith in Kerry, we’re your pros, because we cover the entire county.

Whether you need a transparent locksmith in Listowel or a dependable locksmith in Killarney, we’ve got your back. Don’t let us tell you, call us now and find out why we’re the best!

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