Locksmith Dublin

About The Locksmith Dublin Boss

The idea for The Locksmith Dublin Boss came about after we ran into many frustrating experiences with trying to find a locksmith in Dublin.

From speaking with friends and family, these didn’t seem to be isolated incidents. Many people were having trouble finding a truly reliable and professional locksmith service.

Some of the issues we experienced and that others described to us included:

  • Not being able to get through on supposed “24 hour hotlines”
  • Emails going unanswered
  • Often locksmiths would arrive with no ID whatsoever so we didn’t even know who was really working in our home
  • We were promised 30 minute callouts that turned into long 2 hour waits
  • Poor quality workmanship
  • Unpleasant employees
  • And worst of all, hugely exorbitant fees.

We decided that we could do better and so we started The Locksmith Dublin Boss.

Below we have listed the things that we do differently and why we believe we’re the best choice for your locksmith needs in Dublin.

Going the Extra Mile

Here at The Locksmith Dublin Boss, we train our staff to always be thinking of ways to go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients.

This means offering a true 24/7 emergency service, the fastest callout times and only providing Garda vetted, insured, certified, licensed and highly trained locksmiths in Dublin.

Fastest Callouts in Dublin

Speed is truly key when you are locked out of your home or car or struggling with any other type of locksmith emergency. We are proud to offer the fastest callout times of any locksmith service in Dublin.

We’ve accomplished this feat by hiring enough locksmiths and putting enough vans on the road to have complete coverage of Dublin city and county. Because we have so many talented technicians located all around the county, we are never that far from you.

Our locksmiths are also all local to the areas they serve, meaning they know all the shortcuts and back roads. This allows them to avoid traffic and roadworks, resulting in even faster callout times. 

Easy Payment Methods

  • Besides taking cash, we also offer debit and credit card payments, for your convenience.
  • However, we are also offering a new method of payment called flexi-pay.

If you are getting a large amount of work done or are very stuck for cash right now, we may be able to set up weekly payment terms for you. This allows you to make payments on a schedule that is more suitable to you.

Honest Communication

We believe that strong communication is the key foundational ingredient to great service. If we promise to get back to you with an answer to your question, then you can rest assured that we will.

Also, when you book a service, our locksmiths are trained to contact you directly. They will give updates on their current whereabouts and tell you exactly what time they will arrive at your location.

This can be very important in an emergency, when you are stressed out and need immediate assistance. 

We Pay Attention to Every Detail

At the Locksmith Dublin Boss, we firmly believe it’s the small details which truly set us apart. Like replying to emails as quickly as possible and making sure to never let our phones ring out. Simple things, but so important to get right.

  • We understand that speed and professionalism are the cornerstones of any successful locksmith business.

We take great care to ensure that we are always operating at our best, arriving as fast as possible and dealing with our clients’ issues in the most efficient and professional manner possible.

When you are having a locksmith emergency, every minute counts, so there is no time to waste.

  • Other small details we focus on are making our website extremely easy to use and fast-loading on mobile devices.
  • Making sure we always have enough staff available to take customer queries.
  • Always ensuring that we have enough locksmiths on the road to respond quickly to any emergencies.
  • Making sure we always present our IDs to customers when we arrive at the scene and introduce ourselves with a smile, is also incredibly important. This can help calm a highly stressed client.
  • We also have strict dress code, each of our trusted locksmiths wears our company branded jumpers jackets and trousers.

Always Striving for Excellence

Every day, we are thinking of ways to improve and fine tune our service. We are always brainstorming ways in which we can become even more excellent. We do this by regularly listening to our employees thoughts and ideas.

We, of course, also take all customer feedback very seriously. Any ideas and opinions expressed by our clients are extremely useful. It allows us to know where our service is excelling but also more importantly, where our service might not be as good as it could be.

By always being open to change, we can constantly make these small improvements and always stay one step ahead of any competitors.

One concrete way that we have demonstrated our commitment to excellence is in gaining ISO 9001 certification.

Honest and Open Communication

It’s essential that in every aspect of business, we carry ourselves with integrity. We always do exactly what we say we will do.

For example, if we tell you that we are going to arrive in 30 minutes, you can be certain that one of our knowledgeable locksmiths will bet here in 30 minutes.

No ifs, buts or maybes.

Second to None Reputation

Over the years, we have put tremendous effort into cultivating a strong reputation in Dublin for extremely high quality service and workmanship. This has not been easy.

It has required a lot of capital and time investment from everyone at The Locksmith Dublin Boss. But in the end, this hard work has paid off and we are extremely proud of the reputation we have built.

Our brand is now known across Dublin as being the highest rated and having more 5 star reviews than any other locksmith company. These reviews are all independently verified and appear are across a range of different websites. This guarantees they are coming from real customers of ours.

Some unscrupulous companies resort to paying people for fake reviews, which is absolutely disgraceful. But that is what some of our competitors have had to resort to!

Top of the Line Equipment and Tools

Just as The Locksmith Dublin Boss is only as good as it’s locksmiths, a locksmith is only as good as his equipment!

This is why we also spend a huge amount of money and effort making sure that each of our mobile units is equipped with state of the art equipment and tools.

We are always keeping up with the latest techniques and tools. Any tool we believe can make our technicians jobs easier or our clients lives easier, we will add to our vehicles.

We also provide regular training seminars and tutorials on how to use any new equipment effectively. Regular training and upskilling is an important part of what we have achieved at The Locksmith Dublin Boss.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you need a trusted, dependable and highly experienced locksmith in Dublin or anywhere else in Ireland, then you would be crazy not to call us right now or contact us online! We offer second-to-none locksmith services in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and throughout the whole of Ireland!