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It’s an unfortunate reality that there are many dangerous individuals out there who’d jump at the opportunity to invade your property, steal your belongings, and possibly even harm you and your loved ones. Why take such a risk, when reliable outdoor home security cameras are both affordable and highly effective?

The Locksmith Dublin Boss is a company that specializes in providing the full scope of security system and key- and lock-related services, including the sales and installation of the most up-to-date cameras and home security doors in Dublin and across entire Ireland. Reach out to us today.

The Importance of Having a State-of-the-Art Home Security Camera

Oftentimes, people realize how indispensable security cameras are only after a break-in. In reality, a camera’s ability to discourage potential intruders is as vital, if not more so, as their ability to alert you to their presence.

This is because most criminals are opportunistic by nature. They prefer to target homes or workplaces that have weak security, even if these places don’t look especially wealthy. At the same time, they tend to steer clear of properties that are equipped with modern security systems because of how much effort and risk is involved.

In other words, the presence of cameras serves as a powerful deterrent to these malefactors. This is why cameras are so invaluable. The last thing you want is for some violent burglar to look at your house and decide it’s easy to break into.

Peerless Locksmith Service Never Cuts Any Corners

At The Locksmith Dublin Boss, we take great pride in our status as the leading locksmith company in Ireland. It doesn’t matter if you need us to install security doors or to simply cut you a new key, we’ll always approach every task with utmost professionalism.

Some of the many things that make us better than our competition include:

  • All our locksmiths have extensive training and years of hands-on experience.
  • We equip our technicians with the best equipment available on the market.
  • We attach comprehensive warranties to our products.
  • Our emergency crews can get to any location in under 30 minutes.
  • Our huge catalogue contains security systems and lock solutions for any budget.
  • Our technicians can provide you with easy-to-use maintenance advice that will help you get the most out of your security systems.
  • We always go out of our way to provide our clients with more value than they expect.

Getting Excellent Security Cameras for Your Home Has Never Been Easier

One of the great things about living in the 21st century is how affordable and readily-available top-of-the-line technologies have become. It’s easy to forget that, only a few decades ago, modern security systems were something only corporations and government agencies could afford.

Today, high-end security cameras are available at many different price points, and designed to fit all types of homes and needs. These modern cameras come in outdoor and indoor variants, are easy to install, can be accessed from phones and personal computers, and have a variety of advanced features such as motion detectors, night vision, and sirens.

If you want to get cameras of your own, you’ve come to the right place. The Locksmith Dublin Boss sells, installs, and maintains top-of-the-line outdoor home security cameras that allow you to keep your belongings and your loved ones safe even when you’re away from home.

A Security Door Makes Your Property Burglar-Proof

Having a strong fence is all well and good, but it’s the doors that truly keep the intruders out. The Locksmith Dublin Boss can supply you with state-of-the-art security doors that no burglar will ever get through.

Are you concerned that such a door may be outside your budget? Don’t be. Our catalogue has been expertly designed to provide cost-effective security solutions for all budgets. What’s more, all products are covered by robust warranties, so you’ll never get any less than the full value of your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Security Camera System Is Best for Home?

Every home is different, so there’s no universal answer to this question. Ask yourself: how big is the area you wish to monitor? Do you require a 24/7 high-fidelity video feed, or will a standard-def clip or photo do? Is a wired camera okay, or does it have to be wireless? What’s your budget?

Getting expert advice is never a bad idea, so don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your situation with one of our technicians. They will suggest a competitively-priced camera system that best meets your needs.

How Do You Install Outdoor Security Cameras?

This depends on what type of camera it is. For example, is your camera wireless or wired? Is it waterproof or just water-resistant? What kind of mounting system does the camera use? Is it going to be mounted on a pole, or on the wall?

As always, the best way to ensure the installation goes off without a hitch is to outsource it to the pros. Our technicians have the tools and the know-how necessary to install reliable outdoor home cameras that observe the relevant privacy laws.

How Much Does a Home Security System Cost?

The Locksmith Dublin Boss offers products and services across many different price points. We do this to ensure our fellow Irishmen and Irishwomen can get reliable home security in Dublin and other communities without breaking the bank.

We offer tailored solutions based on your needs and your budget, so if you want to find out more about our pricing, it’s best that you call us for a free quote.

Where can I find a reputable locksmith near me?

You already found them. The Locksmith Dublin Boss is a peerless locksmith company that boasts a huge range of security-based products and services available to all Irish communities.

Are your services available throughout Dublin?

Absolutely. It’s all the same to us whether you need your security systems installed, or your lock-related emergency addressed, near The Workmans Club or the Aviva Stadium. Whatever your location, you won’t have to wait long for our technicians to arrive.

At what times are your emergency services available?

The Locksmith Dublin Boss provides a fast-response emergency service that’s here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Simply ring us up and describe your emergency, and we’ll promptly dispatch a team to your location. You’ll never have to wait longer than 30 minutes for our locksmiths to arrive.

We Provide the Finest Home Security Systems Ireland Can Offer

So what if you don’t live in Dublin? Can you still take advantage of our services? Of course! At The Locksmith Dublin Boss, we believe everyone deserves to have excellent home security in Ireland. That’s why we built our business and our catalogue from the grounds up to cover as many counties and as many different budgets as possible.

Here’s a small sample of the many services we offer:

  • Commercial and vehicular locksmith services.
  • Installation, repair and sales of home security cameras in Ireland.
  • Lock rekeying.
  • Window locks installation and repair.
  • Residential, commercial, and vehicular lockout.
  • Making new car remotes.
  • Replacing cylinders.
  • Extracting broken keys.
  • Key cutting.
  • And more!

So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are in need of:

Would you like to get the best home security system in Ireland, but you’re not sure if we serve your area or how much we charge? Why not give us a call today and ask for a free quote? We’re confident you’ll be impressed with the quality of what we provide.

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