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The Locksmith Dublin Boss provides superior residential locksmith services in Dublin to increase the security of your home, no matter if it’s a house or apartment. Our trusted technicians are expertly trained professionals who are proud to offer stellar customer service and produce high quality workmanship on every job.

We can take care of every aspect of all jobs, from supplying the necessary products, installing them correctly, servicing them regularly or repairing any damage.

Comprehensive Residential Locksmith Services in Dublin

  • 24 hour emergency house lockout
  • Install new locks
  • Rekey locks
  • Re-cylinder locks
  • Repair damaged locks
  • Key cutting and duplication
  • Extract broken keys
  • Repair or install window locks
  • Install safes or reset combinations
  • Install and maintain alarm systems

Extra Home Security Services

  • High security locks, smart locks, deadbolts, multipoint locks, bedroom locks, garage locks, front door locks, padlocks, mailbox locks, digital locks, keyless door locks, electronic locks
  • uPVC doors, door hardware, handles, knobs
  • uPVC windows, window locks, ventilation locks
  • Safes, wall mounted, combination, digital, safety deposit boxes
  • Exterior motion activated lights, floodlights
  • Alarms, home security systems and CCTV cameras, break-in cleanup, burglary repairs

Is There a Reliable 24/7 Residential Locksmith in My Area?

For all Dublin residents, The Locksmith Dublin Boss offers a callout service 24 hours a day. If you are experiencing an emergency locksmith situation, then we will dispatch a team of local locksmiths to your location right away. Whether you are near St. Patrick’s Cathedral or Tymon Park, you can rest assured they will arrive in under 20 minutes.

Not only do we operate in a swift and efficient manner, but we are able to resolve almost 100% of all emergencies, on-site!

Lockout Services

Getting locked out of your home is certainly not fun. But there is no need to go breaking a window to get in. Most home locks are based on the pin and tumbler system and can be picked using a professional picking set. The main tool used is a tension wrench. A bump key can also be used for this purpose.

If you find yourself locked out of your house or apartment and need our help, then call our 24 hour helpline. Our friendly operators will get a highly trained local locksmith in Dublin to help you fast.

The experienced locksmiths at The Locksmith Dublin Boss can get you back into your home quickly and easily. We also guarantee that no damage will be caused to your lock or door either, so it won’t need to be repaired or replaced afterwards.

New Lock Installation in Dublin

There are a few reasons to install new locks, possibly the old one has become so damaged or rusted that it can’t be repaired.

Or sometimes you want to increase the security in your home and an excellent way to do this is getting newer, high security locks, padlocks or deadbolts. Our dependable locksmiths in Dublin are able to install locks that are much more secure and immune to being picked or drilled.

We are certified installers of all the major brands. We only use locks that are proven to be durable, resistant to rust, damage or break-ins. We can install new locks on any doors or windows including, bedroom, bathroom, front and back doors, patio doors, UPVC doors and windows, garages and sheds.

Residential Lock Replacement

If you need to get locks replaced fully, then The Locksmith Dublin Boss is the right company to call. Sometimes, if you find that a lock has become damaged or rusty, it can become stuck refusing to turn completely. Your key can also easily break inside it.

If it is a security risk, then you really do need to upgrade your lock as soon as possible. We will remove and discard your old lock and replace it with a much stronger and more robust locking mechanism that will last for a long time and provide superior safety for you and your family.

Don’t wait to get your damaged and rusty locks replaced. Call us now before it’s too late.

Lock Rekeying

Getting your locks rekeyed is a budget friendly way of preventing old keys from being used to open the locks in your home. It involves restructuring the tumblers inside your lock so that the lock no longer works with the old keys. Instead, it requires a new key.

This is a perfect solution for when you have just moved into a newly purchased home. Or if you are a landlord and are moving new tenants into your house or apartment.

It is much faster than changing out every lock and the results are exactly the same.

This is a specialied process that requires the proper experience and training. Our talented techs will use some locksmith specific tools such as a catch tool, a follower and a key decoder.

Lock Repair

Sometimes a lock can be repaired instead of needing to be swapped entirely.

You need to be careful when making this decision, however. A lock that has been repaired may not have the same strength as a brand new one. So you must make your decision carefully. Your residential locksmith will discuss your options in detail with you.

The few times when it is okay to repair a lock are if the damage is very minor, if it’s only suffering from general wear and tear, if a key has been broken in the lock, if the lock cylinder is turning when you try to open the door or if there is an issue with alignment in the latch.

Key Cutting and Duplication

Because of the superior equipment that we provide to our local pros, we are able to cut and make new keys on-site, extremely quickly and easily. This is one of our most commonly requested tasks and that is why we have become so proficient at it.

Our clients are always very happy with the results we produce.

It is always wise to have a second set of keys in case you ever find yourself locked out or if you misplace or lose your keys entirely. We will create perfect replicas of your current set of keys in 5 minutes flat.

The quick three-step process involves identification, template selection and replication. We only use durable materials to make sure that your key doesn’t chip, snap or become worn. We guarantee that your new duplicated key will be extremely durable. Contact the #1 locksmith in Dublin for premier key cutting today!

Extracting Broken Keys

Broken keys are annoying but surprisingly common. It’s important that you don’t try and extract the broken key yourself as doing so could cause damage to the pins inside. Our residential locksmiths in Dublin have many tools available to get a broken key from inside a lock.

The best way to prevent this from happening again is to check your keys regularly for any cracks or damage and not to apply too much pressure when turning the key in the lock.

uPVC Doors and Windows

Many new homes are being built using both uPVC doors and windows. They come in many different designs and offer, not just excellent insulation and soundproofing, but also superior security. They are extremely difficult to break into.

This is largely because they make use of 3 and 5 point multi-locking mechanisms. The Locksmith Dublin Boss can supply and install uPVC doors and door hardware including knobs and handles.

Window Locks

Keeping your windows secure is incredibly important. Windows are the most common way for an intruder to break into your home. They are often overlooked and people often don’t invest in good quality locks for their windows.

Our dependable technicians can install or repair many different types of window lock to fit every budget and style of windows. Our range includes multi-point locks, ventilation locks, sliding-window locks, keyed sash locks for double hung windows, hinged wedge locks, window latches, push locks and pin locks.

Installing Smart Locks

More and more homeowners are deciding to get smart locks installed in their home. They are the new wave of high security locks. Although they can be quite a bit more expensive than traditional options, these locks are equipped with up-to-date, smart features which provide enhanced safety and security.

If you are interested in getting one installed, then please chat with one of our experienced pros. They will speak with you about the associated costs and level of security you can expect from the various models on the market.

Home Safe Installation and Repairs

Our trusted residential locksmiths can provide all types of safes from small safety deposit boxes for jewellery and valuable documents, right up to large wall mounted units. We also offer both combination safes and ones that have digital keypads.

Safe Lockouts – Resetting and Opening

If you are locked out of your safe and unable to access your valuable documents or jewellery, then help is at hand. The Locksmith Dublin Boss has many safe experts on hand to retrieve your belongings.

One fear you may have is that your valuables may become damaged. However, our methods and tools are 100% safe and won’t cause any damage to the inside of your safe or its contents.

We can open all the various types of safe including dial safe, combination lock and digital keypad locks. However, please note that as safes have become more technologically advanced, often the only way to open them is to compromise them. This means they can’t be reused.

If no key-override exists, then we will need either wedge or saw the safe to get it opened. This needs to be done carefully by an experienced professional so that the inner contents of the safe are not damaged or destroyed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my home locksmith arrive?

We estimate a callout time of between 15 to 30 minutes. Our locksmiths are always on the road and we have many, many available technicians on standby 24/7.

Does it matter if I don’t know what locks I currently have?

The Locksmith Dublin Boss staff are experts in all types of locks that can be installed in homes or apartments. They can quickly assess your current locks and also advise on whether to replace them, repair them or upgrade them.

I’m locked out. How fast can your locksmith help me get back inside?

This will depend on exactly what type of locks you have on your front or back doors. Usually, it takes less than 30 minutes to regain access to your home.

Will there be any damage to my home?

Our experts employ various methods and tools to open home locks. They might decide to use a bump key or picking the lock may be a possibility. These methods cause no damage to your home, lock or door.

However in very rare cases, if the available options fail, then we may need to drill the lock. In this case, the lock will need to be replaced. We will explain this to you first before we do it. You will also be given a breakdown of any extra costs and an approximation of the time needed.

What are your prices?

The Locksmith Dublin Boss offers a wide variety of residential locksmith services in Dublin and the prices we charge depend on exactly what service is required. To find out more, have a look at our pricing page, call or contact us – today!

Where Can I Find a Full-Service Locksmith Near Me?

Right here! The Locksmith Dublin Boss is a trustworthy local locksmith that offers comprehensive services. From top-notch commercial locksmith solutions for Dublin business owners to prompt and reliable car key repair throughout Dublin, we can do it all!

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