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Need to change door lock or replace uPVC door lock mechanism? Wondering how to rekey a lock to match existing key? Want to install a new lock or uPVC door locks on your home? The Locksmith Dublin Boss is here to provide you with all these services, and much more! We offer unmatched door lock repair, replacement and installation throughout Dublin.

As a dependable local locksmith Dublin residents trust, we can help keep your door and window locks in tip-top condition. Our skilled and experienced technicians can meet all your lock needs and are well versed in tackling any type of locks, including uPVC door locks, electronic locks, deadbolt locks, mortise locks, master locks, combination locks, security locks, and window locks.

Everything You Need to Know About Door Locks

We boast a team of seasoned locksmiths who are passionate about what they do and will go above and beyond to deliver the service you need and deserve. Our kind and knowledgeable staff stands at the ready and are happy to answer all your lock- or key-related questions. To find out how to enhance the security of your property, feel free to contact us anytime.

Also, below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about door lock systems. Read on!

Reliable Door Lock Replacement in Dublin

It is important to regularly check your locks for damage. They are one of the most important areas of your house as they keep you, your family and your possessions safe and secure.

If you are unsure of whether your door lock needs to be replaced, then it is wise to get a second opinion from a trusted locksmith in your area.

What Are the Signs I Should Change My Locks?

If a lock has become worn or rusted, then it will be easier for a criminal to pick it or break it off completely. A good sign that there is excessive wear is if it’s becoming more and more difficult to turn the key in the lock, especially if the weather is cold. This means the lock is more likely to break soon.

If you have had your home or apartment or business broken into, then you should also get your locks replaced ASAP. Either the thief had to break or damage your lock to gain access or worse, they might even have a key!

Changing your lock to a high security Grade 1 lock will make your door more secure. It also means that any old keys will no longer work.

Rekeying vs changing locks

If you are prone to losing your keys, then you should think about getting a smart lock or keyless door lock installed. These allow you to access your house by using a pin instead. And the pin can be changed at any time, whereas a traditional lock needs to be rekeyed to achieve the same.

How to Install a New Lock Correctly

Replacing a lock can be a difficult job and if not done properly, the lock and door handle may not function properly. Worse yet, it may result in compromised security. It is the wise choice to always have a professional locksmith take care of this or you. Here’s how our locksmiths in Dublin can help!

  • The first task is to inspect the lock and see if it needs to be replaced or can be repaired.
  • Then we check to see what brand of lock is currently installed. We will discuss the options available with the client. Do they want the same brand and style of lock, or do you they want a new style of lock, higher security lock or a smart lock or digital lock?
  • Once all of this is determined, our trusted technician can begin taking off the old locking mechanism, the doorknobs, the metal face plate, the mechanism for the door latch, the strike plate, install the new upgraded lock, and finally replace the necessary parts back again afterwards.

Choosing the Correct Door Lock

This is an extremely important step and something our Dublin locksmiths are experts in helping you with. There are so many different types of lock including mortise lock, digital lock, deadbolt lock, etc.

For your exterior doors, our advice is never buy a cheap lock. Go with a high quality brand and make sure that they are ANSI Grade 1 locks. For maximum security, they must be deadbolt locks. Grade 1 deadbolts are able to withstand the largest amounts of force, cycles and strikes.

Doorknob locks are slightly less secure but as long as they are also Grade 1, they can still withstand some serious force and strikes. As an added bonus, these locks will last for much longer and are resistant to rust, wear and tear and corrosion.

Choosing Between Deadbolts and Latch Bolt Door Locks

Most door locks contain the same basic parts and mechanisms. However, there are two large subsets of door locks.

  1. To determine the strength of a door, you need to look at its material. Metal and PVC tend to be stronger than wood. Unless the wood is a very thick, solid, hardwood style of door.
  2. For door locks, the strength is largely based on the bolt within the lock.

The two most common types are the latch bolt or deadbolt.

  • Latch bolts are spring loaded and beveled on the side that faces the strike plate.
  • Deadbolts are never spring loaded or beveled and must be manually turned with your hand or a key, to get them to extend into the door frame. The two types are the thumbturn deadbolts and the double cylinder deadbolts.

Deadbolts offer higher levels of security as they extend deeper into the door frame, sometimes as much as one inch.

  1. Another very important determinant of a door strength will be the strike plate it uses. Many of the plates that are supplied with standard locks are not as strong as they could be.

It is always recommended to use a high security grade strike plate. It should be reinforced and use much longer screws to give it even more strength.

Things to consider:

  • When choosing a deadbolt, make sure that it extends at least 1 inch into the door. This is known as its “throw”. For better intruder prevention, try to find a deadbolt with a throw of even more than one inch.
  • The highest grade and most expensive locks often come with further protections. For example, locks that have high strength steel plates inside the mechanism are resistant to drilling which is a common way for burglars to bypass your lock. The steel causes the drill bit to be damaged.
  • Another excellent security feature is to check that the lock you choose has an anti-saw bolt. These deadbolts are extremely difficult to saw through as they actually spin when you attempt to cut them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair my lock instead of replacing it?

Getting your door lock repaired is definitely more cost effective than having it replaced with a completely new one. However, it is not always wise or viable to repair a lock. We very rarely recommend this course of action because a repaired lock may not have the full strength of a brand new one.

Having said that, if your lock is still internally sound, then it can be repaired. But this cannot be assessed correctly until our locksmith visits and inspects your lock thoroughly.

Please note, if your lock has suffered serious damage due to an attempted break-in or excessive wearing of the internal components, then it will not be possible to repair.

What length of time does it take to change a lock?

This will depend on the type of lock you want installed and the type of door you have. However, it usually only takes our highly experienced locksmiths 20 to 25 minutes to install a new lock on your property.

The time for installation can be reduced dramatically if you are replacing a lock with the same type as the old one. This is because the door is already prepared. The replacement lock can simply be installed with any additional prep work needed.

Does changing a lock cause any damage?

Definitely not. Changing a lock is a very routine process for our locksmiths. It is something that they will likely do at least once a day.

This means that our technicians are very knowledgeable and can be relied upon to do an excellent job. They will definitely not cause any damage to your property.

In fact, because they are trustworthy professionals, they will treat your door with the same respect they would their own.

If I want to install a new smart lock, do I need to change my door?

Most digital locks or smart locks should fit onto your current door without any problems. There may need to be some very minor modifications made, so that the new lock works correctly. But these changes will not be seen as they will be covered by the lock’s outer mechanism.

When should I replace my locks?

The most common and preferred time to change your locks is if you have just bought a home.

You don’t want any previous owners to have access to your new house. This is also important if you are a new tenant in rented accommodation. Likewise, you don’t want any previous tenants to be able to enter your new apartment.

The other times to change your lock are if you believe it has suffered damage. For example, if your door lock is becoming rusted, corroded, excessively worn or difficult to turn the key, then a replacement is likely needed.

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