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https://thelockboss.ie/cork/kinsale/If you are looking for a peerless and affordable locksmith that can tackle any lock or key issue, your search is over. We can safely say that we are at least one of the top locksmiths in Cork and the entire county. Whatever lock type or key you throw at us, we can repair it quickly.

You’ve just stumbled upon the best and the most trustworthy locksmith in Ballincollig! But don’t trust our word for it. Call us now and check us out!

Region-Wide Comprehensive Locksmith Services

You might be walking somewhere near the Church of St Mary and St John and happen to realize that you’ve just lost your keys. You may be waiting for your kid’s class to end at the Colaiste Choilm and get locked out of your car.

In either case, you’ll want to have a quality locksmith on standby. Our services are available cross-county, and we can get to your location in 30 minutes or less. Whether you need a quality locksmith in Clonakilty or a transparent locksmith in Kinsale, we’re here for you. And yeah, we don’t have the time to waste either, so don’t worry!

We’ll be there in 30!

No Match in Terms of Reliability

We really do mean business. We don’t work as locksmiths as a part-time job, and we aren’t the ones to close the doors for our faithful customers. Our services are available 24 hours a day, including weekends. We’re available even during holidays.

What does this mean? Well, it means that it’s us that you’ll be calling if a lock/key issue arises at an inconvenient moment.

Why can we claim reliability? Well, simply because we offer a team of specifically skilled, trained and experienced technicians that are prepared for all lock- and key-related issues.

We are reliable because we own expensive equipment that we know how to use. No locksmith challenge presents an issue for us. On the contrary, we welcome the challenges.

More than anything, however, we are reliable because we are affordable. We know that many expensive locksmiths can tackle a particular issue, but there is no locksmith in Ballincollig so affordable, who can tackle anything you throw at them!

Commercial Locks

Want to make sure your business is safe? There is no safety without a quality set of locks. The locks that we offer in our range are more than fantastic.

More importantly, we can provide you with an in-depth key and lock security audit, which includes regular maintenance, inspection, commercial rekeying and many other repairs that you might need.

Key Cutting

Naturally, we can perform key cutting, but any locksmith in Cork can do it, right? Well, not like us. The Locksmith Boss of Cork offers on-spot key cutting and reprogramming, meaning that you are likely to have your brand new key, roughly an hour after calling us.

Your favourite locksmith in Ballincollig uses vehicles that are equipped with the latest key cutting/reprogramming technology.

Residential Locks

Naturally, we perform residential lock maintenance, but first and foremost, here’s an advice: do not try to fix things yourself. Instead of damaging the whole thing and then having to pay more for full replacement, hit us up and ask us for advice.

Customer satisfaction is our prime goal, so you can rest assured that we won’t advise you for a more expensive solution, just so we can get more money from you. Word-of-mouth marketing is much more valuable.

uPVC Locks

There is no safer window/door lock than the uPVC. It is resilient, sturdy, almost virtually unbreakable. Naturally, our locksmiths in Ballincollig offer this service.

Go uPVC now!

Emergency Car Opening

People get locked out of their cars. It happens. What you really need once this happens, is not a broken car window, but a rock-solid 24/7 locksmith on speed dial. Simply give us a call, and we’ll get to you in 30 minutes or less.

Locked out? Call us now! 021/2355977

24/7 Locksmith in Ballincollig

We’ve made ourselves available at all times for one main reason: we know how frustrating it is to have to wait for a locksmith service to open. Instead of wasting your time, simply contact us, at virtually any time of the day, week, month or year, and we’ll get to your location in under 30 minutes, wherever you are in Cork.

Your Locksmith in Ballincollig Ensures That Your Property Is Always Safe

Looking for a pro locksmith in the area? We hope that you’ve realized that we’re the perfect match for you. We offer the broadest range of services, 24/7 availability, experienced locksmiths and affordable prices. What’s not to love?

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