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People don’t think about locksmiths until the trouble strikes. At the moment you are rendered unable to enter your premises, this likely becomes your biggest problem. This is why having a dependable locksmith in Dublin 1 on speed dial is important.

At the Locksmith Dublin Boss, we will solve any lock- and key-related issue that you are experiencing. Call us now and let yourself be amazed with our service.

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With so many locksmiths around, we don’t blame you for your scepticism. In truth, we have a good reason for claiming that we’re the best locksmith in Dublin. It basically boils down to two things: offering the widest range of services, and being available literally at every moment.

The Locksmith in Dublin 1 is Waiting for Your Call

We literally stand at the ready, always at your disposal. More importantly, we’ll get to you in no more than 20 minutes. That’s right, whether you’ve lost your key at the Garden of Remembrance,  or are unable to get into your vehicle near the Dublin Port, we’ve got your back. Give us a ring and see you in 20!

We Are Professionals

We always aim to overdeliver in terms of professionalism and customer service. This is why we can shamelessly say that our employees are impeccably trained, extremely qualified and have pristine records. We are the most trustworthy locksmith in Dublin 1. Come check out why!

Residential Locks

Call us a couple of days before your big move, or on the way to your brand new home with your stuff, we don’t care or mind. We can get to your new home, refit it with new locks in its entirety and be out of your way the whole time. That’s right, every single lock in your home in a single day, and out of your hair before the move is done.

Commercial Locks

What we offer is the widest range of commercial locks in the entire city of Dublin. Of course, we’re more than happy to help you pick the perfect lock for your commercial needs. In fact, even if we don’t have your ideal lock in stock at the moment, we’ll order it for you from anywhere in the world, and have it delivered for you in 5 business days, tops.

Emergency Services

Locks tend to jam and break and keys tend to snap, and once such as unfortunate situation happens to you, you’re going to need a dedicated locksmith in Dublin 1, who will be able to arrive on the spot in 20 minutes at any time of the day, night, or holiday.

The Locksmith Dublin Boss gets tens of calls a day for a reason: people appreciate availability and efficiency, especially during emergencies.

Emergency Car Opening

Name a vehicle, any type, any kind, and we can unlock it. It’s as easy as dialing our digits and asking us to hurry. We’ll get to you in 20 minutes and you’ll be back in your vehicle in no-time. We guarantee that we won’t leave a single mark on your car.

Key Cutting

We wouldn’t be much of a locksmith business if we didn’t have a key cutting service to offer. However, we chose to go even further here, offering not only a key cutting/programming/duplicating service, but also the technology to be able to give you a brand new key on the spot.

You don’t have to go anywhere. Need a new key? Call us and sit tight!

uPVC Locks

You can’t go wrong with the unbreakable uPVC lock. We can install as many of these locks as you wish, on any door out there, no matter how old it is and regardless of its state. Go the uPVC way now!

Let Us Become Your Go-to Locksmith in Dublin 1

We are a service that is available 24 hours a day, any day of the year, holidays included. All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll arrive at your location in Dublin in 20 minutes or less. They call us the most reliable locksmith in Dublin 1. Call us and see why!

Call Now!

Pick up the phone, give us a call, and we’ll be there 20 minutes after the call is done. We are by far the most dependable and expeditious locksmith in Dublin, for a good reason.

We might be city-wide, but we are still very much local. With our network stretching all over the city of Dublin, we can help you, no matter if you need a key-cutting locksmith in Walkinstown, or an emergency commercial locksmith in Whitehall. We’re only a simple phone call away. Call us now!

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