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Nobody needs a locksmith until a key snaps, a lock jams, or a break-in happens. When these things happen however, the need for a reliable locksmith can get quite hectic. Write down our digits and bookmark our homepage now!

Our wide roster of services stretches from key cutting/programming and car opening, to commercial and residential refits. Need help from an expert locksmith in Fairview? Call us now!

Why Put Us on Speed Dial?

Well, most of the time, locksmith services are required as a matter of urgency, trust us, this is our bread and butter. People get locked out, break-ins happen, so wouldn’t it be smart if you had a reliable locksmith in Fairview on speed dial, rather than having to resort to Google at the most inconvenient of moments?

Planned Needs

Some services that we provide aren’t based on urgency. For instance, say you bought a new home near the Fairview Park. Trust us, you’ll want your locks refitted as soon as possible. This is where we jump in, because you can call us on the very day of your move, and we’ll finish the refit on the same day.


Emergency Needs

Other services that we provide do revolve around urgent matters. For instance, you may drop your home key in the River Tolka. This is where our on-spot key cutting and programming can help.

Our Available Services

Your new favourite locksmith in Fairview offers a wide roster of services. We guarantee that we can help you with anything lock- and key-related.

Residential Locks

As mentioned, we can perform a complete lock refit on your new home, on the day you move in. We know how vital domestic safety is.

The Best Commercial Locksmith in Fairview

Fairview may be one of the most idyllic suburb areas in Dublin, but you wouldn’t leave your place of business unlocked while closed, would you? Our range of locks is more than decent, but if you have a particular lock preference, we’re more than happy to advise you on it and have your preferred lock unit delivered from anywhere in the world within 5 business days. Found your ideal lock? Call us now!

uPVC Locks

Not a single lock is as safe as the uPVC unit. No matter if you want to make your business a safer place, or want to evoke extra security at your home, and regardless of the type and age of any particular door, we can install your uPVC locks, quickly and seamlessly.

Car Opening Service

Whether you’ve lost your car key, or had it jammed in the lock, we are certain that we can help. The Locksmith Dublin Boss is definitely a contact that you should have on speed dial. Your trusted locksmith in Fairview can open any vehicle make and model for you, all this without leaving one new scratch on your vehicle. If you need to get back into your own car, call us now!

Key Programming and Cutting

After we’ve gotten you back into your home or vehicle, we imagine that you’re going to need a new key. We offer on-spot key cutting and programming, for keys that range from your regular residential keys, to advanced wireless models. Yes, that’s right, this means that you can have your door unlocked and have your new key in a matter of minutes!

Our Customer Service and Pricing

We haven’t earned the reputation that we have overnight. We’ve been busy building it for years. We aren’t ashamed to brag about our fantastic customer service. The amount of praise that we received from satisfied customers can vouch for this.

We know that you want to keep your pockets turned the right side in. This is why we want you to know that our pricing is transparent and more than reasonable. We are reliable as we are affordable.

Locksmith Fairview is Dependable Just as it is Reliable

We are aware of our competition, but we guarantee that we are the most reliable and efficient locksmith in Dublin that you’ll run into. We are the most trustworthy locksmith in East Wall. We are the most advanced locksmith in Dun Laoghaire. We are available 24/7, so call us now!

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