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As one of the most beautiful suburbs of Dublin, the town of Dundrum might be pretty safe, but given its size, there is no shortage of burglaries and break-ins here. As safety experts, we assure you that you’re going to need a rock-solid set of locks on your doors if you want to have peace of mind. The Locksmith Dublin Boss is the most popular locksmith in Dundrum for a reason – the range of services to offer is absolutely unmatched by our peers.

We Are Your Go-To Locksmith

Whether you’ve lost your car keys while shopping at Dundrum Town Centre, or dropped them in the River Slang, we’ve got you covered. Having us on your speed dial can go a long way in helping you avoid all the headaches with random locksmiths.


We want you to know that we stand at the ready for you, 24/7, even during holidays, because we know all about urgency.


We offer complete commercial and residential refits for your office or your home (or your home office, for that matter). We can refit every lock on your property, on the day of your move.

A Wide Roster of Services with Your Favourite Locksmith in Dundrum

One of the main things we like to brag about is the sheer range of services that we offer, and we do like to brag. From emergencies to planned locksmith tasks, you can rest assured that leaving us in charge with your locks and keys will solve your problems. Have your locks serviced now!

Car Opening Service

You might find yourself locked out of your vehicle. It may be a malfunction, or you may have lost your key. We can get you back into your car, regardless of its make and model, in the matter of minutes. Also, we promise that we’ll arrive on the spot, wherever you are in Dublin, in no more than 20 minutes.

Key Cutting/Programming

Getting back into your home or vehicle, after getting locked out doesn’t mean too much if you can’t use your key. Key snaps happen more often than you think, and even the car keys aren’t the exception. We offer top-notch key cutting and programming, and we can make or duplicate any key out there, from low-fi bathroom keys, to advanced wireless car keys. Oh, and we have all the necessary technology to do it on the spot for you!

Residential Locksmith in Dundrum

If you are moving into the town of Dundrum, you’ll want your locks replaced, instead of having to sleep with one eye opened. We offer complete residential refits, on the very day of your move. That’s right, we’ll outfit your entire new home with brand-new locks, even if you call us on the day of your move. Call us now and let us help you move!

Commercial Locksmiths

Whether you own a business, or want your home office secured, we know how important and expensive the business equipment can get. This is why we offer special commercial refits. The locks that we have in stock are of top quality, but we truly believe in the “customer is always right” mentality, and if you want a specific lock, so be it! We’ll have it delivered for you within 5 business days, from anywhere in the world.

uPVC Locks

You’ve probably heard of these amazing units, but if you haven’t, they’re simple to explain: the uPVC lock is the best lock on the market. Almost impossible to break and able to fit any door, regardless of its age and type, these locks are convenient as they are reliable. Go uPVC right now!

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Our 24/7 services are available 365 days a year, sometimes even a day more. We vouch for your property and we can arrive on the spot, anywhere in Dublin in no more than 20 minutes. There is a reason why we are the best locksmith in Dundrum, and even city-wide.

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We are the single most efficient modern locksmiths in Dublin. Our prices are transparent and reasonable and our services of top quality.

Do you need an affordable locksmith at Dublin Airport? Looking for an advanced residential locksmith in Drumcondra? Our wide network of locksmiths has got you covered!

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