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If you’re experiencing lock or key issues, you can rest assured that there isn’t a better professional in the entire Galway county. We take pride in our work and take care of our customers, because you are the pillars of our business.

Whether you want some extra security installed or have something lock- or key-related that needs fixing, you don’t have to look any further. You’ve found your ideal locksmith in Athenry. Our team of hard-working, certified professionals can get to you in minutes. Call us now!

Don’t Worry! Your Friendly Neighbourhood Locksmith in Athenry Has Got Your Back!

Our experts are meticulously trained and our services are completely insured. In the unlikely case that we happen to break something, you don’t have to fear for your compensation. Our certificates vouch that you won’t regret hiring us.

If your service isn’t urgent, let’s talk and set up a meeting. We always prefer to meet our clients in person before proceeding to the business end of the deal. Our main concern is your satisfaction and happiness and there’s nothing that we love seeing more than a smiling, satisfied customer.

We’re Always at the Ready

If you’re asking us, every locksmith should be a 24/7 service. Why? Because lock breaks and key snaps tend to happen at the most awkward moments. This is why a 24-hour-a-day service goes without saying for us. Your go-to locksmith has to be available for you at all times.

In fact, we are absolutely dedicated to you. Our response times are record-breaking and we guarantee that we can get to you in 30 minutes or less, wherever you are in the Athenry, near the Athenry Castle, or on the M6 motorway. This is especially convenient if you’re in a hurry and this is why it’s us that you’ll be calling if you have a lock or key issue at 4am.

Your New Favourite Locksmith in Rathcoole Takes Care of Your Personal and Commercial Needs

Some locksmiths specialise in commercial security, while others focus on home security. We do it both, professionally and efficiently. From locks, safes and keys, to shutters and alarm system, we can handle it all.

Even if you lived in the safest place in all of Ireland, the Locksmith Boss of Galway insists that you protect your possessions properly, from your home and car to your office.

Our experts are happy to work with you and you’ll be happy to work with them. Don’t refrain from inquiring about anything while they’re around, we all stand at your service. Oh, and we’re budget-friendly, too.

  • Residential services – Mortise locks, uPVC doors and windows, handles, knobs, deadbolts, motion sensors, you name it, the Locksmith Boss of Galway can tackle it. No challenge presents an issue for your favourite locksmith in Athenry and we’re glad to accept it.
  • Security Audits – For your business needs, we recommend ordering a security survey from us on a yearly basis, to see if we can find any weakness in your security. This is essential as you want your place of business to be as safe as possible.

We offer safety deposit boxes, fireproof safes, shutters, advanced locks, padlocks, fake cameras, real cameras, closed-circuit TV, alarms and a variety of other services.

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The Most Trustworthy Locksmith in Athenry

They don’t call us the most trustworthy locksmith around for no reason, and we don’t say this just for the sake of it. Every single one of our employees is a licensed locksmith in Galway,  ISO-certified and absolutely trustworthy.

Our technicians undergo strict record checks, which is where we make sure that they’re absolutely impeccable. As we mentioned, we are completely insured. Risk-taking is not an option for a locksmith business and we don’t want you to take any.

Emergency Car Unlocking

Locked out of your vehicle? Call us, we’ll be there in 30 minutes and get you back into your vehicle in a matter of minutes. Our service vehicles are fully equipped with advanced technology.

We can produce immobilisers, laser keys, transponder keys, as well as extract keys that have snapped in your lock, provide fob replacement and fix everything that might be wrong with your car that relates to keys and locks. A wide variety of services is the name of the game for the most dependable locksmith in Athenry.

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We are local and we are city- and county-wide. This means that we can get to you, wherever you are in Galway in 30 minutes or less, and this is a guarantee.

Whether you need a quick locksmith in Woodford, or an advanced locksmith in Loughrea, you’ve found your experts.

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