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Here at The Locksmith Dublin Boss, we truly understand how much of a nuisance it is to be locked out or to have left your keys somewhere and now you can’t find them. Going out to watch a movie can be a really nice way to unwind after a tough week, but then to go and lose your keys or snap your car key in the lock of your car, seriously puts a downer on your night.

That is why high quality services like ours exist! Our locksmiths in Dublin 9 are here to help you solve these problems quickly and easily.

Emergency Locksmith in Dublin 9: at Your Service Night and Day

Our emergency service is the fastest in Dublin. Our local locksmiths won’t hesitate to rush to where you need them. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they are ready and waiting for your call.

Don’t let your day be ruined by a simple lock or key issues. Let our experienced locksmiths in Dublin fix it for you so you can get on with your day. Make sure have our number stored in your phonebook for wherever you might need us.

Our dependable technicians will be there in under 20 minutes.

Highly Trained Car Locksmiths at Your Beck and Call

The most common situation we deal with is people being locked out of their car or losing their keys. Whether you require auto locksmith services near Ellenfield Park or Dublin City University, once you contact us, you can have peace of mind that one of our locksmiths in Dublin 9 will arrive within 20 minutes to fix the problem and get you back on the road with zero hassle.

Our state of the art key duplicating tool allows us to make any key for any type of vehicle, in a matter of minutes. But even better than that we can reprogram or flash the key too.

All the big name brands like Toyota, Honda, Ford are no problem. And we can even make duplicates for higher end vehicles like Mercedes and BMW too, even though their keys and immobiliser systems tend to be very cutting edge.

Nobody Knows Home Security Like Us

Your home’s security and your family’s safety is always on your mind in this day and age. Crime rates are rising across Dublin and it really pays to invest in the right systems.

Our security consultants are happy to perform audits on your current setup and offer free, impartial advice on what you could do to improve things.

You could opt for lower cost ideas like deadbolts, multipoint locks, stronger doors and windows made from PVC, home safes for your valuables, exterior proximity triggered lights or stronger locks that are harder to drill or pick.

If your budget is even bigger, then you can go for the whole works, which includes alarms, cameras and full 24 hour home monitoring.

As part of our routine services, our locksmiths in Dublin 9 can also refit new locks for you. This is especially important if you have just purchased a new home and want to prevent the old owners from having access.

Why Do We Have Such an Excellent Reputation?

We often ask our clients why they keep hiring us again and again to carry out their important locksmith work. There are two reasons that keep popping up. Here they are:

Professionalism and Commitment to Excellence

Our clients love how we always maintain our strong professionalism. Even under tough conditions, our locksmiths in Dublin 9 always focus on the task at hand and do exactly what we say we are going to do, at the price we agreed upon beforehand.

Outstanding Customer Service

Here at The Locksmith Dublin Boss, we regularly get praised for our attention to the small details and the effort we put into having top class customer service.

We believe that the key to a successful locksmith company is to build strong relationships with our clients. And the most important aspect of this is providing reliable customer service.

We always answer our phones. We reply to emails promptly. We always act with integrity. And we always follow up afterwards to ensure that everything went according to plan.

Keeping Your Business Secure At Night

If you need greater control over who is able to get into your office or want to restrict access to certain areas, then you need a master key access control system.

Using swipe cards we can create a system that allows only certain people to enter certain rooms at particular times of the day. Combine this with state of the art camera systems with full 24-hour recording capabilities and you’ll have a highly secure building in no time.

There are also other services available to our commercial clients including safe combination resetting, commercial grade locks, and padlocks that offer excellent protection, shutters, metal and wooden doors, emergency exits, panic bars, magnetic door locks, swipe card locks, fingerprint activated locks, recylindering or rekeying and much more.

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There’s clearly no doubt that we are the best locksmiths in Dublin 9. Our commitment to making sure that every client is 100% happy has resulted in a huge number of 5-star reviews. We now have more than any other competitor which is a humbling achievement for us.

Also, if you are in need of a renowned locksmith in Dublin 8 or emergency locksmith services in Dublin 7, we are only a call or click away. We provide first-rate services across the region so wherever you are in Dublin, feel free to reach out.

Email or call us right now and we’ll have a trusted, dependable and talented locksmith on their way to your location ASAP.

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