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When you say ‘emergency numbers’, you probably think about the fire department, the police, the ambulance, and maybe even the plumber. Having a locksmith on your speed dial, however can help you get rid of a ton of headache, really, as the emergencies that this type of an expert deals with are incredibly annoying and do tend to be urgent.

At the Locksmith Dublin Boss, we are considered the most dependable and trusted locksmith in Ringsend, and throughout the city of Dublin. None of our peers are truly a match for us, and here’s why.

Truly Dependable

You can easily lose your keys while casually strolling near the Great South Wall. It has happened to people, and it keep happening. You may even end up locked out of your car in the Grand Canal Dock area. Whatever your lock or key issue is, wherever you might find yourself in Dublin, we’ll be there for you non-stop!


As we just said, we are available non-stop. Yes, that means 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and this does include the holidays. We offer this simply because we know all about the lock emergencies and how inconvenient they can get. Call us now and we’ll get to you in 20!


If you’re moving into a new office, or just about finishing up your move to Ringsend, you’ll probably want your locks changed. We offer complete residential and commercial refits – no lock presents a challenge for us.

The Services we offer at Locksmith Ringsend

If there’s something we excel at, here at the Locksmith Dublin Boss, it’s the range of services that we offer. We are absolutely unmatched in the number of areas we are experts in.

Looking for a locksmith that will duplicate your key? There are hundreds of these in Dublin. Looking for someone to get you back into your car? You’ll manage. What we offer here, is a constantly available locksmith that can tackle any type of a lock- or key-related problem.

Car Opening Service

You’d be surprised at how often people get locked out of their vehicles. The emergency car opening is one of our most frequently used services. We can get you back in any car out there, regardless of its make and model. Locked out? Call now and see you in 20!

Key Cutting

This is perhaps the most typical of locksmith services, but that only makes it more relevant. Naturally, we can cut and program any key that you need, but we offer something that our peers don’t: we’ll do it on the spot. That’s right, we’ll get to you in 20 minutes or less and cut/duplicate/program your key in a matter of minutes.

Residential Locksmiths in Ringsend

If you’ve just moved into the neighbourhood, replacing your locks would be a smart move. We offer complete residential lock refits, on the very day of your move, we’ll come, try and keep out of your way and say goodbye before you even finish your entire move.

Moving today? Let’s replace those locks!

Commercial Refit

Oh, we are well aware of how pricey the business equipment can get, and we also know how vital it is to secure your place of business. This is why we’ve rounded up a wide roster of commercial locks, for your convenience. We’re more than glad to recommend you an ideal lock for your needs, but if you’ve already got your eyes on a particular unit that we don’t have in stock, don’t worry! We’ll order it for you online and have it delivered from anywhere on the planet, within 5 business days.

uPVC Locks

There isn’t a single lock unit that’s as resilient as the famous uPVC. We can fit these locks on any door in your home or office, no matter the age, size, type and state. Go uPVC now!

Local, yet Dublin-wide

One Call, 20 Minutes

Professionalism and Reliability with Your Favourite Locksmith in Ringsend

Reliability, professionalism, dependability and transparency are our main selling points. We are very affordable, available 365 days a year, 24/7, professional, and our employees have impeccable records. We are the most trusted locksmith in Ringsend for a reason.

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Pushing the bar higher has been and always will be our main concern. This is what makes us the most advanced and effective locksmith in Dublin. With transparent pricing, a user-friendly booking system and fantastic customer service, there is no better choice than us in the entirety of Dublin.

We take pride in the fact that we are local, just as we are city-wide. Regardless of whether you need an expeditious commercial locksmith in Rathmines, or a transparent residential locksmith in Rialto, it’s us that you’ll be calling. Dial our digits now!

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