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It’s all fun and games until your lock breaks/jams or your key snaps. When lock trouble occurs, you’ll want a dependable locksmith on your speed dial and you’ll regret not thinking about this earlier. If this still hasn’t happened, don’t make the same mistake. Write down our digits now!

But what if we can’t tackle your particular issue? Not possible. One of our main selling points is the fact that our dedicated locksmith in Terenure specializes in everything remotely related to locks and keys.

Our Place is in Your Phonebook

You’d think that lock emergencies don’t think that often. And even if that was the case, it’s us that you’d be calling when an emergency strikes to get to you in 20 minutes or less. However, lock emergencies happen all the time in Dublin. In fact, most of our callers ask us if we could get to them in 20 minutes, as advertised.

This is why you need your efficient locksmith in Terenure in your phone at all times, instead of calling us all frustrated, after hours of looking for a pro who can help you with what you need.

Planned Needs

Okay, although we are the best emergency locksmith around, we admit it, some calls that we get aren’t urgent. These calls are mostly about refits, commercial and residential, a service that we very much offer, too. If you’re moving somewhere north of Rathfarnham, give us a call to replace your locks, even if you need us on your very move day.

Emergency Needs

If your car lock jams, or you drop your key somewhere south of Harold’s Cross, we are your go-to pros! Call now and we’ve got your back!

The Services

We aren’t ashamed to brag about being pretty much the only locksmith around that can cover, well, any locksmith need that comes to mind. Here are some of the services we offer.

Best Residential Locksmith in Terenure

If you’re moving to Terenure, call us to handle your entire lock refit. We’ll get to you the day you start moving in and be out of your hair in a couple of hours.

Commercial Locks

You need to protect your place of business, and property safety starts with locks. The range of quality, innovative commercial locks that we have is among the broadest in the entire city of Dublin! We can recommend you the best lock for your needs, but we can also have your preferred model delivered for you in 5 work days or less. Having issues ordering your lock? Call us and we’ll do it!

uPVC Locks

There isn’t a safer unit on the market than the uPVC lock. It is simple as it is sturdy and resilient, which is why we always recommend it. The best part is that we can mount it on any door of your preference, regardless of the shape, size and age.

Emergency Car Opening

No matter if you’ve lost your car key, or if it just jammed in your lock, we’ll handle it for you. The most reliable locksmith in Terenure guarantees that various car makes and models do not present a challenge. Naturally, we also guarantee that we won’t leave a mark on your vehicle. Locked out? Call now!

Key Cutting

Most locksmiths specialize in key cutting. Some even do key programming. Here, at the Locksmith Dublin Boss, we can cut, program or duplicate any key in the world, for a basic bathroom key, to an advanced wireless car key.

The best part is that we offer this service on the spot. That’s right, not only will we get to you in 20 minutes or less, wherever you are in Dublin, but we can also give you a new key in a matter of minutes! Need a new key? Give us a shout!

Impeccable Customer Service and Transparent Pricing

We put a huge amount of effort in treating our customers right. This is how we’ve built our reputation over the years - being there for the people who need us, for the people we work for. And truth to be told, there isn’t a more satisfying feeling than seeing an honest smile of a happy customer.

Our rates are transparent and we are very affordable. We won’t charge you anything extra for asking us to exercise our 20-minute guarantee. We emphasize reliability and affordability.

An Affordable, Reliable Locksmith in Terenure that You Can Trust

We are both local and city-wide. We are the most dependable and expeditious locksmith in Dublin.

If you need an affordable and trusted locksmith in Tallaght, we’re your guys and gals. If you’re looking for an emergency commercial locksmith in Templeogue, we’ve got you covered. We’re available 24/7! Give us a call now!

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