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Not having a solid lock installed is almost like leaving your home unlocked. As the most dependable locksmith in Milltown, we take care of all lock- or key-related needs. Whether you need an emergency locksmith or are planning a refit, we can do it all.

Our range of services encompasses every single lock need. With us, you get all locksmith services in one place.

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Nobody expects lock trouble. When it occurs, however, these inconveniences tend to happen at the most inconvenient of moments. Your lock may jam, your key may snap and you may end up locked out of your home or vehicle. In such occurrences, having a trusted locksmith in Dublin on speed dial could mean the whole world.

The Locksmith in Milltown Stands at Your Service

As a small village in Kildare county, Milltown deserves a locksmith that can get to the location quickly. Let’s say that you end up locked out of your car near the Church of St Brigid. There’s no one in the proximity to help and none of the local locksmiths are open.

Call us and we’ll get to you in 20 minutes or less. This also applies to the rest of county Kildare. We are county-wide, but we are also local.

A Variety of Services

Actually, it’s not that we have various services in offer, it’s that there isn’t a single service that we can’t perform, when it comes to locksmithy. Whether you need a lock refit, a new key or to get back inside your home or vehicle, we’ve got your back. They don’t call us the most diverse locksmith in Milltown for nothing.

Residential Refit

Moving to Milltown? You’re going to need a complete lock refit. Call us and we’ll be there on the day of your move and out of your hair before your move is done.

Commercial Refit

Making sure that your place of business is safe at all times is essential. Just think about how much you invested in equipping the place. We have a wide roster of amazing quality locks to choose from and we’re more than happy to recommend you a perfect fit.

If you can’t find what you want in our stock, we make sure that we match your needs at all times by having your ideal lock delivered from anywhere in the world in 5 business days or less.

The Most Dependable Locksmith in Milltown

You need a locksmith that can provide you with its services at all times. We firmly believe that every locksmith should be available for emergencies. Unfortunately, we are the only ones around who are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, this includes the holidays too, so whenever your lock trouble strikes, do not refrain from giving us a call. We’ll get to you in 20!

Car Service

Locked out of your car? Even if you are in the middle of nowhere in Kildare county, we’ll get to your location and fix your problem within the hour. We can take on vehicles of any type and brand and we guarantee that we won’t leave a single mark on it after we’re done. We are the most expeditious and reliable locksmith in Milltown. Call us and find out why!

Key Programming and Cutting

Most locksmiths perform key cutting. Some locksmiths can even reprogram your wireless key. We do both and we can do it on the spot. Our vehicles are equipped with advanced technology which allows us to program and cut keys once we get to you. And we can get to you in 20 minutes.

uPVC Locks

Sturdy, resilient and, above everything else, safe, the uPVC lock is one of the main lock types out there. They can be installed on both doors and windows and we offer to do this on any door/window, regardless of its type, age and state.

Get your uPVC now!

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Pick up the phone and call us now to see why we are the most dependable and transparent locksmith in Kildare.

As we mentioned, we might be county-wide, but this doesn’t stop us from being available locally. So, whether you require an affordable residential locksmith in Blackwood or a reliable commercial locksmith in Johnstown, we’ve got you covered.

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