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Everybody locks their doors for a reason, because city life simply isn’t safe. It pretty much goes the same for Dublin: some neighbourhoods are nice and peaceful, but you still wouldn’t risk leaving your home unlocked.

There isn’t a more dependable pro in the entire city of Dublin, as your trusted locksmith in Lucan. We can help get you out of any key or lock crisis and we are very approachable, price-wise.

We Stand at the Ready

Did you happen to find yourself locked out of your home or vehicle? Yeah, we know how inconvenient this is. You may lose your car key at the Lucan Community College, or simply end up locked out near Coláiste Phádraig.

Either way, you’re going to need an efficient locksmith that is always at the ready to answer your call. We understand urgency and we’re always there for you. Call us now!

The Most Dependable Locksmith in Lucan

You probably don’t think that you’ll ever need a locksmith available in a matter of minutes. However, it is a fact of the matter that the vast majority of calls that we receive are urgent. We guarantee that we can get to you within 20 minutes of your phone call, wherever you are in Dublin. We might be city-wide, but this doesn’t mean that we aren’t local.

A Team of True Professionals

Every single one of our employees is absolutely qualified, trained and in possession of an impeccable record. We are very much aware that those who work for us represent us, which is why our employees make us the most dependable and trusted locksmith in Lucan. Call now for perfect service!

A Residential Locksmith in Lucan that Inspires Trust

We might be affordable, but we don’t compromise on reliability and skill. We know that you wouldn’t trust just about anyone with your home, which is why our employees have impeccable records. If you happen to move into Lucan, we guarantee that we’ll refit your entire new home on the moving day.

Commercial Locks

Our roster of excellent commercial locks hasn’t failed to satisfy a customer of ours as of yet, and we’re more than happy to give you in-detail recommendations. However, if you’ve found your perfect lock online, we offer to order it for you and have it delivered within 5 business days.

Emergency Locksmith

We know that these crises tend to pick the worst moments to arise. This is why the Locksmith Dublin Boss stands at the ready for you, 24/7, any day on the year, including holidays. Lock trouble? Call us ASAP!

Car Opening

The technology at our disposal is more than necessary for any lock out there. This means that we can get you back into your vehicle, no matter how advanced the lock is. Naturally, we won’t leave a single mark on your car, and that’s a guarantee. Call us now if you’re locked out!

Key Cutting

Need a new key? Not a problem! With the Locksmith Dublin Boss, you don’t have to schedule key cutting or programming and wait hours or days. We offer to cut or program your keys on the spot, meaning that we can get you back inside your home or vehicle in a matter of minutes!

uPVC Locks

The uPVC lock is currently the biggest rockstar (lockstar?) out there. It is resilient and features unheard-of levels of safety. The best part is that we can equip any door with a uPVC lock, regardless of its type, shape, age or size. Give us a call to go uPVC!

You’ll come back to us again, we promise!

Nothing but Professionalism at Locksmith Lucan

We guarantee that you won’t find a locksmith that’s at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without exception. Trust us, it’s us that you’ll call if the lock trouble occurs at 3 in the morning or during holidays. You can always depend on your favourite locksmith in Lucan.

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We are available Dublin-wide, but we are also local and available within minutes, wherever you are in the city. If you’re looking for an affordable and trustworthy locksmith in Dublin, your search ends now.

Reasonable pricing and transparent rates are things that we promise. Regardless of whether you need a dependable residential locksmith in Leopardstown, or a dedicated professional locksmith in Liffey Valley, we’ve got your back. Call and schedule our services today!

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