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Sure, experiencing break-ins, ending up locked out and having keys snap on you are things that happen to other people, but these can easily happen to you, too. When the lock or key crisis strikes, you’ll want to have an adequate professional in your phonebook and you’ll expect that professional to be able to get you out of any lock- and key-related trouble. Your new favourite locksmith on Harcourt Street is affordable, efficient and effective.

Locksmith in Your Phonebook? Why?

Well, it may not seem like it, but locksmith services are required as matters of emergency, as a rule of thumb. Sure, people plan moves and schedule lock refits, but the most calls that we get are from people who ended up locked out of their home, office or vehicle, or who have had their locks break or keys snap. You never know when you might need a locksmith, so write our number down!

Planned Locksmith Needs

If you’ve bought a new home or business on Harcourt Street and are planning a move, you’ll want the locks refit as soon as possible. Unlike many of our peers, what we offer is an immediate refit – we’ll get there on the day of your move and be done with the refit within hours.

Emergency Locksmith Needs

You’d be amazed if we told you how many people end up keyless while taking a stroll in the St Stephen’s Green. At such moments, having a 24/7 emergency locksmith on Harcourt Street is much better than, for instance, having to sleep over at a friend’s apartment because you can’t find a readily available locksmith. We are aware of this and this is exactly why we offer non-stop services.

Our Services

Our services range from refits and car opening, to key cutting and uPVC installation. At the Locksmith Dublin Boss, we want you to have that one ubiquitous locksmith on Harcourt Street

Residential Refit

If you’re just moving into your new home, you do not want to have it unlocked, especially in the evening hours and while you’re away. We can refit every lock in your home on the very day of your move and this is a guarantee. Moving today? Call now!

The Best Commercial Locksmith on Harcourt Street

Your place of business, whether it’s a regular, or a home office, is probably equipped with pricey equipment. You’ll want to pay special care here, which is why we recommend a complete commercial lock refit for your place of business. We offer a huge range of advanced locks, but we can also order your preferred lock for you, from anywhere in the world and have it delivered in less than 5 work days.

uPVC Locks

Everyone is going with the uPVC locks right now for a reason: they are the safest on the market at the moment. They might not be cheap, but they’re definitely more than worth investing into, because they are downright indestructible. Call us now and go uPVC on any door!

Emergency Car Opening

Having a dependable locksmith on Harcourt Street to help you get back into your vehicle is very smart. We can unlock any car type out there within minutes and get you back in there. Locked out? Give us a call!

Key Cutting and Programming

Not only can we cut or program any key out there, but we offer to come to your location and do it on the spot for you. To sum it up, this means that we can not only safely and efficiently get you back into your home or vehicle, but that we can enable you to resume your daily activities immediately.

Affordable and Transparent Locksmith on Harcourt Street

There isn’t a more qualified team of locksmiths in Dublin than here at the Locksmith Dublin Boss. Our wide range of services can vouch for this. Our rates are incredibly transparent and we are very affordable, because we know how important it is to have a quality locksmith at the ready, no matter how much money you have in your pocket.

Our team is trained and dedicated to making sure that you’re satisfied. You might be looking for an affordable emergency locksmith in Greenhills. You may need a professional commercial locksmith in Glasnevin. Whatever your locksmith needs are, call us now!

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