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The city of Dublin is like every other large city – turbulent, lively, but marginally unsafe. The people who live in large cities keep their doors locked most of the time, as a regular thing. This custom has made having a dependable locksmith on speed dial a great idea. Having a rock-solid emergency locksmith in Knocklyon is essential and this is where we come in.

Keep Your Go-to Locksmith in Your Phonebook

Locks jam, keys snap and people have their homes, offices and vehicles broken into, as a regular part of city life. In case of emergencies, having a locksmith in Knocklyon you can trust definitely beats having to browse around the web for a perfect match, especially at the time when an emergency strikes.

The Locksmith Knocklyon Has Got You Covered

You wouldn’t jump into the River Dodder if you happen to drop your keys in it, especially not during the winter. And if you end up locked out of your car in the Wicklow Mountains, you definitely don’t want to break your window in order to get back in. All you really need in this type of situations is our number!

A Variety of Services

They call us the most diverse locksmith in Knocklyon for a reason – our range of services stretches from emergency situations to routine lock refits. You can find a locksmith who specializes in key programming, and you can definitely find one who will get you back into your home, but we are the professionals who can do it all! One service, one phone call or click away! Hit us up now!

Residential Refit

No matter whether you’re moving into the neighbourhood, or if you’re looking to do a routine check-up and refit on your home, we’re your people. We can not only completely refit your home, but we can do it on the very day you move in.

Commercial Refit

Home workspaces, large offices, we can secure your place of work promptly and completely. Why risk having your expensive equipment stolen, when you can invest in its safety. We have a wide array of different locks in our roster, and we’re more than happy to recommend the perfect one(s) for you. Of course, if you have your eyes on a particular lock outside of our offer, we’ll order for you and have it delivered in a matter of 5 business days.

Your Neighbourhood Locksmith in Knocklyon

Locks break and jam and keys tend to snap at the worst possible moments. Not only are they unfortunate, but these situations are usually very urgent. We can proudly say that we’re at your disposal, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, because we know how crippling these emergencies can get. Just call us and we’ll be there in 20!

Emergency Car Opening

If your car door lock jams and you end up locked out, you shouldn’t try getting back in by yourself, because you don’t want to break the lock. Your best bet is calling your favourite emergency locksmith in Knocklyon.

Regardless of the vehicle type, we guarantee that we can get you back in, without leaving a single scratch on your car. Locked out? Give us a call!

Key Cutting

As your locksmiths, we’ll get you in your car in minutes, but we also offer key cutting and programming on the spot. You read that correctly: we can supply you with a brand new key immediately, regardless of the key type. We’ll get to you in 20 minutes, get you back in and supply you with a new set of keys.

uPVC Locks

There isn’t a safer lock on the market right now than the popular uPVC lock, and we can install these reliable units on any door of your preference, no matter how old it is and regardless of its type. Contact us and go uPVC now!

Transparency and Brilliant Customer Service

We’ve earned our reputation. Over the years, we made sure that our customers are always left smiling and grew our name based on that. Top customer service and reasonable prices are our bread and butter.

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We are the single most dependable and trustworthy locksmith in Dublin, you can give us a ring and find out why.

We are local, but our locksmith network is city-wide, so if you’re looking for an affordable locksmith in Kinsealy, or a reliable emergency locksmith in Kingswood, we’re your guys and gals. For guaranteed satisfaction, call now!

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