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No matter how safe the area you live in is, you wouldn’t trust the crime statistics with an unlocked front door. Wherever you are, having a trusted locksmith available on call should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, most of our clients haven’t even heard about a 24/7 locksmith, before coming to us.

Here, at the Locksmith Dublin Boss, we offer things that none of our peers do. We are the most capable and dependable locksmith in Rush for a reason. Join our family!

Wherever You Are

Whether you ended up locked out of your car on the R128, or lost your keys near Drumanagh, we’ve got your back. What’s important is that we stand at the ready, wherever you are in Dublin, and even wider. Having an Emergency? Call now!

The Most Capable Locksmith in Rush

Depending on what a certain locksmith specializes in, the majority of their work may, or may not revolve around urgency. Well, we specialize in every aspect of locksmithy, but urgent situations, such as key snaps, lock breaks and car lock jams really put us to the test.

We are proud to say that we’ve been doing well, with more and more people contacting us with emergencies that we’re able to solve in no-time. We are capable, just as we are time-efficient.

Our Team

Our employees make a battle-tested team of professionals. We are the most qualified locksmiths in Rush and our people feature impeccable records. This is what we have to say about trustworthiness and dependability.

But don’t believe our words for it. Call now and see for yourself!

A Trusted Residential Locksmith in Rush

Planning on moving to Rush? Maybe you’re moving as we speak. In either case, you’ll probably need a lock refit, and you’ll likely need it sooner, rather than later. We’ll get to you in 20 minutes, even on the day of your move and be out of your way even before you finish the move. We’re quick, efficient and considerate.

A Brilliant Commercial Locksmith

You need to keep your work and office equipment safely protected, which is why we offer a broad range of quality commercial locks. We’ll recommend you a perfect lock for you in our stock, but if you have your eyes on a particular model that we don’t have, we’re more than happy to have it delivered for you in up to 5 work days, from anywhere in the world.


We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, holidays included. You might already have a preferred locksmith at the moment, but when the trouble strikes in the early morning hours, or during holidays, it’s us that you’ll be calling. Need a locksmith now? Call us!

Car Opening Service

We’ll get to your location, wherever you are in Dublin, in 20 minutes or less and we’ll get you back inside your car in an hour, tops. No vehicle type, make and model present a challenge for us. Oh, and we guarantee that we won’t leave a scratch.

Key Cutting

It’s easy to find a locksmith that will duplicate a key. You might have some trouble finding the one that will be able to tackle any key type, but you’ll find one. Finding a locksmith that will cut, program or duplicate any key on the spot? That’s going to be a tough one

We can proudly say that we offer this. That’s right, at your location in 20, key cut on the spot!

uPVC Locks

If you’re looking for the single most resilient residential/commercial lock, the uPVC is where your search ends. What we can offer is outfitting any door that you like with it, no matter the size, shape, type or condition. Call us and go uPVC now!

The Most Experienced Locksmith in Rush

Our employees are perfectly trained and feature absolutely impeccable records. We are available 24/7 and we possess all the knowledge and experience that you’ll need. Find out why we are the most popular locksmith in town!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Locksmith

We take pride in the fact that we are local, as well as city-wide. Your dependable neighbourhood locksmith in Dublin will cover any locksmith need that may arise.

We offer reasonable prices and transparent rates, whether you’re looking for a trustworthy and affordable locksmith in Ringsend, or a dedicated commercial locksmith in Rosemount. Give us a shout now!

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