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People have a preferred dentist, doctor, even pedicure. Having a go-to locksmith isn’t a common thing, but when the trouble strikes, you might come to regret not having an awesome expert ready on call. You, and everybody else, are likely to experience lock and key issues somewhere down the line. Having someone who specializes in anything lock- and key-related can go a long way in relieving headache.

The time will come when having a great locksmith in Walkinstown on speed dial will pay off.

We Deserve a Spot in Your Phonebook

There are so many locksmiths in Dublin, and we don’t blame you for being sceptical about us. However, most of these so-called professionals, buy some key cutting equipment, slap a “locksmith” title to their store and voila: they get to be in the club.

In reality, things are a bit different. Sure, you might need your key cut and these stores might help, but a true locksmith professional, who specializes in everything from key programming and complete residential lock refits, to emergency car opening? Now that’s a pro that gets to be on your speed dial. The Locksmith Dublin Boss is a true professional locksmith,

The Most Readily-Available Locksmith in Walkinstown

Availability is our strong suit. No matter if your car lock breaks on M50 near the Walkinstown Avenue, or drop your key while visiting the Drimnagh Castle, we’ve got your back. We respond to emergencies quickly and we guarantee that we’ll be on the spot in 20 minutes or less. Schedule with us, call now!


The Locksmith Dublin Boss employees are properly trained and qualified and have absolutely pristine records. After all, you wouldn’t trust your home to someone shady. There is a reason why they call us the most trustworthy locksmith in Walkinstown!

Residential Locks

If you’re moving into a new house or apartment, chances are that you’ll be looking for a complete residential lock refit. Naturally, we can do this for you, but what we also promise is that we’ll be there on the day of your move and out of your hair before the move is done.

Call now and have your locks refit today!

Commercial Locks

Protecting your company, business, or even home office is very important. We know how expensive the business equipment can get, which is why we offer a wide roster of awesome commercial locks that we are more than happy to guide you through. Of course, find your perfect lock online, and we can order it for you and have it arrive within 5 business days.

Emergency Services

One of the most commonly used services that we offer are, of course, the emergency services. You’d be amazed at how often people call us with issues such as snapped keys, broken or jammed locks, etc. Whatever your particular emergency is, you can rest assured that we’ll be there for you, whenever you call us, be it at 3am, or during the holiday season.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Having lock issues? Call now!

Emergency Car Opening

Regardless of the make and model, regardless of your vehicle’s age and type, we’ll get you back into it if you end up locked out. Naturally, we promise that we won’t leave a single mark on your vehicle during the process.

Key Cutting

This is the service that people commonly associate with locksmiths. While being a key cutter isn’t the same as being a locksmith, we do, in fact, offer key cutting and programming, too. Not only will we be there in 20, but we’ll cut/program you a new key, right there, on the spot. Need a key? Dial the digits!

uPVC Locks

There isn’t a safest lock unit on the market than the uPVC. We can outfit your home with resilient uPVC locks, regardless of a door’s type, size, age, shape and state. Call to go uPVC!

Locksmith in Walkinstown that Stands at the Ready

As we said, our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we do work for holidays. Find out why we are the most time-efficient and dependable locksmith in Walkinstown. Call now!

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Keep in mind, it will take you 5 minutes to call us and 20 for us to come over. We are the most advanced and transparent locksmith in Dublin.

No matter if you need an affordable and trustworthy locksmith in Terenure, or a professional and accountable locksmith in Tyrrelstown, we’re your pros. Give us a call at anytime, from anywhere in Dublin!

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