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You may see people leaving their homes unlocked in the countryside, but the city folk are less trustworthy for a reason. The city life might be turbulent and eventful, but it’s also far from safe, which is why we lock our doors when we’re out and during the night. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, you’re going to need to find a solid locksmith in East Wall. Fear not, the Locksmith Dublin Boss is here.

You Need Us on Speed Dial

Lock- and key-related trouble can happen to anyone. Keys tend to snap, locks tend to jam, break-ins tend to happen. You need a Dublin locksmith in East Wall on your speed dial, and we’re your ideal choice. Our service roster is simply huge, and we are certain that we can cover your needs, be they urgent or planned.

Your Locksmith in East Wall is Always There for You

East Wall is a busy area in Dublin, bordering on hectic. Your car key might snap on the East Wall Road, or you may drop it in the East Point Business Park.

Our guarantee is that our team of professionals will arrive within 20 minutes to help you out of a bad situation. We know how horribly awkward this type of emergencies get, so we promise you quick and satisfactory service.

We Offer Various Services

We are the most dependable locksmith in East Wall, and we have experienced and qualified employees with perfect records to vouch for it. We specialize in every aspect of locksmithing and offer every service that comes to mind. Here’s our service roster.

Residential Refit

If you’re just moving into East Wall, you better make sure that you refit the locks in your new home. Not only do we offer to refit your entire home, but we can do it on the day of your move.

Commercial Refit

Whether you want to secure your home office, or your place of business, we can do it. It is important that you make sure that your equipment for doing business is secure, so getting a top-notch set of locks is always recommended. Our range of locks is usually more than satisfactory for most customers, but we can also have any lock in the world delivered for you in less than 5 work days.

The Most Reliable Locksmith in East Wall

You never know when your key may snap and your lock jam or break and, as a rule of thumb, these things have very awkward timing. This type of an emergency, unfortunately, needs immediate attention. This is where we come in: we are available 24/7, every day throughout the year, holidays included. Give us a call now and we’ll be seeing you in 20 minutes!

Car Opening Service

What would you do if you’d end up locked out of your car? Try and find a YouTube tutorial for unlocking? Smash your window? No, you’d call the most efficient locksmith in East Wall.

Your vehicle’s make and model isn’t a concern, because we can get into any motor vehicle out there. Most importantly, we absolutely guarantee that our car opening service won’t leave a mark on your vehicle.

Key Cutting and Programming

Not only will we get you back into your vehicle or home in a matter of minutes, but we’ll cut/program a new key for you, on the spot. Of course, our 20-minute deal applies here, too. Wireless key programming, regular key cutting, we can do it all. Call now to have your key cut!

uPVC Locks

The uPVC lock is the most reliable and safe unit on the market right now. We are experienced in installing these, regardless of the age/model of the door in question. Go uPVC right now!

Our Customer Service and Pricing

It took us years to earn our reputation. We built it by making sure that our customer service is through the roof, and our prices the exact opposite. There is no better feeling for us than seeing a satisfied, smiling customer. Call now for excellent customer service and transparent and reasonable pricing!

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Call us now and see how easy it is for yourself. We guarantee that we are the most reliable and affordable locksmiths in Dublin.

Our network stretches all over the city, so regardless of whether you need a transparent locksmith in Dun Laoghaire, or a reliable commercial locksmith in Dundrum, your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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