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Some locksmiths can cut you any key. Others might be able to fix any lock, or get you back into your vehicle, regardless of the make and model. What makes the Locksmith Boss of Cork different is the fact that we can do it all.

There is no safety and security without a proper Dublin locksmith, regardless of whether we’re talking about a business or a place of residence.

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We Stand at Your Disposal

Lock and key issues can happen to anybody. You may end up locked out of your vehicle, your home, or from your office. Your key may snap after a class at Midleton College, or at the nearby Whitegate village. Wherever you are in Cork, or Cork county, you don’t need to panic. Your experienced locksmith will be on their way, as soon as you place the call.

The Most Readily-Available Locksmith in Midleton

What sets us apart from our peers is our understanding of emergencies. We know how urgent matters can get, and how awkwardly-timed lock issues turn out to be. For this reason, our technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year!

Furthermore, our optimised system allows us a 30-minute response time. That’s right, we’ll get to you in 30 minutes or less, after your call, and that’s a guarantee!

We Are Pros, We Are Trained, and We Are Insured

The Locksmith Boss of Cork doesn’t employ new team members unless they meet the strict criteria that we set for our candidates. Our lock and key experts are specially trained, and capable of tackling any locksmith issue.

Our teams come equipped with top-of-the-line equipment, and boast clean records. We don’t hire, unless the candidate’s records are pristine. This is why we are the most trusted locksmiths in Midleton.

Emergency Car Opening

Car key loss is one of the most common issues that we come across as locksmiths. Don’t worry! Your favourite locksmiths in Midleton are both equipped and capable to open any car out there, regardless of its make and model.

We can get into trucks, cars, bikes, vans, you name it, but the most important thing to note here is that we guarantee that we won’t leave a single scratch on your vehicle.

Cutting Keys On the Spot

Sure, we can cut you any key out there, many of our peers can probably do this too. What makes us stand out, is the fact that we can do it all on the spot. Our vehicles are perfectly equipped for any occasion.

Residential Services

Installing security systems, cutting new keys, replacing locks, and performing a variety of other services in Middleton is far from a foreign thing for us. We receive regular calls from the area and we’re always more than happy to help.

Dial our digits and learn more or make an appointment with our services. We are readily available all across Cork.

Commercial Services

Here, at the Locksmith Boss of Cork, we are well-versed in all locksmith disciplines, so your commercial needs are a perfect fit for our company. Whether we’re talking about key cutting, alarm installation, or lock refitting, we can do it all.

Naturally, our team of masterfully trained pros is fully licensed and we check the records of all of our employees, so you don’t have to worry there. Also, equipment-wise, we have a number of high-quality brands on our belt.


There is no better and safer way to go than the uPVC way. These incredibly resilient door and window locks are long-lasting and ridiculously sturdy and safe. Of course, we perfrom uPVC lock installation!

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Our Prices

We have a Cork-wide famous reputation of offering fantastic services at extremely affordable prices. The level of our services is difficult to match and our rates are incredibly transparent.

Why Us?

The answer is fairly simple: we offer a team of certified and highly-trained professionals that can get to you in less than 30 minutes, affordable prices, while being able to perform all locksmith services.

We Are the Best Locksmith in Cork

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If you need a trustworthy and transparent locksmith in Middleton, your search ends here.

The fact that we are local but also city-wide means that we serve the entire town, as well as county of Cork. Whether you need an affordable locksmith in Carrigaline, or an emergency locksmith in Bantry, we are your guys and gals!

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