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In Dublin, and probably in the majority of cities in the world, key- and lock-related issues happen every day. You might not know this, but we do, because here at the Locksmith Dublin Boss, we have a ton of work, every day. This is, in part, due to the fact that we offer all locksmithing services, from emergency door opening, to residential refits. We are the most ubiquitous locksmiths in Finglas!

We Should be in Your Phonebook

Everyone has a preferred doctor, dentist, hairdresser, even a preferred market stand. Alternatively, nobody has their go-to locksmith, that is, until they’ve had their first lock or key emergency. Sure, you can find a good locksmith on Google when the trouble arises, but the thing is, the majority of expensive professionals will have you make an appointment.

But you’re in an emergency right now, what should you do? At the Locksmith Dublin Boss, we’ll get to you within 20 minutes of your call and we will never leave you hanging.

Emergency Locksmiths in Finglas

You may be taking a class at Coláiste Íde College of Further Education and happen to lose your dorm key. Wherever in Finglas you happen to experience a lock or key emergency, we guarantee that we’ll be there, on the spot, in 20 minutes or less.

Make an Appointment

Your new home probably needs a complete lock refit, and this goes for your place of business, too. What we offer is a complete commercial or residential refit on the day of your move. Go ahead, look around the web. Not many lock experts offer this service, and the ones that do definitely don’t offer it at prices as convenient as ours.

Our Services

There isn’t a single locksmith in Dublin that offers the service range as wide as ours. Go ahead and put our website in your bookmarks now!

Residential Refit

Planning on moving into your new home in Finglas? Well, the first thing that you’ll need to do is ensure its safety. You could go with other experts, but they’ll probably just schedule your refit for a couple of days later and leave you waiting for your turn.

Not us! As mentioned, we can refit your entire home on your move day.

Dependable Commercial Locksmith in Finglas

Whether you want to change the locks of your home office or regular office space, we’re your guys and gals! The range of units that we offer is more than satisfactory to the majority of our customers, but if you don’t like our recommendation, feel free to find a lock online and we’ll have it delivered from virtually anywhere on the planet, all within 5 business days. Protect your expensive office equipment with awesome locks!

uPVC Locks

There is no lock out there that’s safer than the uPVC. Practically unbreakable, the best thing about these convenient locks is that we can put them on virtually any door in your home, regardless of its type, state and age.

Car Opening Services

Your car key may snap, your remote key may break. When this happens, you are left out of your vehicle and your vehicle is pretty much stuck wherever you’ve parked it, conveniently, or otherwise. Our car opening services at locksmith in Finglas can get you into any vehicle, regardless of its make and model, and we guarantee that we won’t leave a single scratch on your car. Give us a ring if you are locked out now!

Key Cutting

No matter if it’s your regular home key, or an advanced car key, we can cut it and program it. The technology that the Locksmith Dublin Boss owns can duplicate or make any key on the market. The best part is that we do on-spot key cutting and programming, and with our 20-minute response time guarantee, we can get you back in your property and on the road in a matter of minutes.

The Most Dependable Locksmith in Finglas

There are many locksmiths in Dublin, but none of them offer the roster of services as wide as ours. The Locksmith Dublin Boss is the most trusted and dependable locksmith in Dublin.

Our area of operation is spread across the entire city and we can help you with any locksmith needs, no matter if you need an emergency car locksmith in Fairview, or a trustworthy commercial locksmith in East Wall. Wherever you are in Dublin, contact us today for a free estimate and get peerless service and outstanding customer care.

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