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Lock- and key-related issues occur every day and can happen to anyone. We know this because we receive a multitude of calls daily from all over Dublin. At the Locksmith Dublin Boss, we make sure that you are treated properly, regardless of what the issue is. No matter if you’re having an emergency, or simply want to have your home or office refitted with new locks, the professional locksmiths in Drimnagh are always there for you.

Why a Locksmith Deserves a Place in Your Phonebook

You probably have a preferred dentist, doctor, even a hair stylist, but when a locksmithing need arises, like many others, you’d probably google your way to a convenient professional. These “convenient” professionals can easily leave you with your pockets turned inside-out and leave you with half-repaired locks. This is simply unacceptable, especially when dealing with security equipment.

You’re probably always in a hurry, but you shouldn’t rush it when choosing your go-to locksmith. Jot down our digits now and see why we’re the best locksmiths in Drimnagh.

Less Urgent Locksmith Needs

You might be moving your home business to Drimnagh, or you might be just moving into this suburban paradise. Either way, you’ll want to place new locks on your property, just to be safe. What we offer are commercial/residential refits of the entire property, the very day you call us. We’ve found that not many locksmiths offer this, and so will you.

Emergency Locksmiths in Drimnagh

You might lose your car key on the way to the National Museum, or you may find yourself locked out of your home. Either way, you’re going to need a locksmith company that is always there for you, any day of the year, even during the holidays. The awkward timing of locksmithing issues presents no challenge for the Locksmith Dublin Boss.

Our Service Roster

We like to think that our range of services is the widest in the entire Dublin town, and they’re all listed below. Bookmark our website right now!

Residential Lock Refit

If you’ve just bought a home, you’ll want to make sure that it’s safe. Instead of waiting an entire day for a locksmith to come to your residence and refit the locks, you can call us and ensure that everything is done the day of your move.

The Most Trusted Commercial Locksmith in Drimnagh

The suburbs of Drimnagh are famous for home businesses. Even though working from home isn’t as strict as working from the office, the equipment involved tends to be very expensive, which is why these home offices are often targets of burglaries. We can recommend you a long line of commercial locks, or you can find those to your preference online and we’ll have them shipped from anywhere in the world in 5 work days.

Secure uPVC Locks

As the safest ones around, the uPVC locks have more than earned their reputation. What makes them so special? Well, they’re literally unbreakable and we can fit them on any door of your preference.

Emergency Car Opening

When getting locked out of your vehicle happens to you, you’ll want to have the most reliable locksmith in Drimnagh at your disposal. We can open any vehicle on the road and we guarantee that we’ll be on the spot within 20 minutes. Locked out? Give us a call!

Key Cutting and Programming

We can cut any key out there, even if it’s a wireless car key. Well, we wouldn’t literally cut a wireless car key, but we have all the necessary equipment to reprogram it. Oh, and we’ll do it on the spot for you, no problem. With our 20-minute guarantee, we can get you on the road within an hour. Naturally, we offer this service for regular keys too. No key presents a challenge for us.

Efficient and Reliable Locksmith in Drimnagh

We know that you know that we aren’t the only locksmiths on the block, but we’re without a doubt the most trustworthy locksmith in Dublin. If you need a commercial locksmith on Donnycarney, we’ve got you covered. If your needs call for a reliable residential locksmith in Donnybrook, don’t worry, our network covers every area in town. Schedule our services now!

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