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Having to predict when you might experience a lock emergency is pretty much impossible, but having a preferred expert in your contacts is the best way to make sure that you don’t end up wasting hours on trying to find a perfect one.

At Locksmith Portoise, we make sure that all your locksmith needs, residential, as well as commercial, are absolutely covered. We specialize in a multitude of lock services, that stretch from emergency to scheduled ones.

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Why Put Us in Your Phone?

Some locksmith services aren’t matters of emergency. On the other hand, people having their keeps snap on them or ending up locked out of their vehicles and homes are very urgent matters. At the locksmith Portlaoise, we do not compromise. Your call is all that matters.

Planned Services

We offer all kinds of scheduled services, whether you need a lock refit or a security audit, our advanced scheduling service stands at your disposal. Of course, calling us on the phone is a perfectly viable way of scheduling our services, but the majority of phone calls we get are emergencies.

Need a locksmith in Portlaoise Urgently?

Speaking of emergencies, we want you to know that we are here for you 24/7. That means every day of the year, even during the holidays. Whether you’ve lost your keys somewhere in the Slieve Bloom Mountains or near the Coulounieix-Chamiers commune, we can get to you in 20 minutes and get you out of trouble. We can supply you with a new key and get you back into any vehicle on the market

Our Services

Our wide range of services is another thing that truly makes us special. There isn’t a single service that we can’t do, from key programming to lock refits. We are your ideal locksmith.

Residential Refit

If you’re just moving into a new home, you’re going to need a complete residential lock refit. Like many other locksmiths, we provide this service, too. However, we can get to you on the day of your move and be out of your hair before the move is done. We can get to your new place of residence in 20 and be done before the end of the day.

Complete Commercial Refit with Locksmith Portlaoise

We can also equip your office with fantastic commercial locks, as well as give you advice regarding which one suits your needs the best. If you don’t happen to find the ideal lock for you in our stock, we can have one delivered within 5 business days.

We also perform security audits and install alarm and camera systems.

We know how expensive the business equipment can get and how important it is to protect your place of business.

uPVC Locks

The uPVC is one of the safest locks on the market. It works perfectly for both doors and windows, and you’ll be happy to know that we can fit it on a door and window of any type, regardless of its shape, size, type, and age.

Go uPVC now!

Car Opening Service

Getting locked out of your vehicle in the time of need is extremely awkward. There are some locksmiths in the area that can help you out, but we can be at your location in 20 minutes and get you back behind the wheel in under an hour. They call us the most efficient locksmith in Portlaoise for a reason!

Key Programming and Cutting

We can program and cut any key on the market, regardless of how advanced it is, or whether it is residential, commercial, a car key, or a wireless key. We can get to you in 20 and our service vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge equipment that can cut and program any key out there. Most locksmiths do key cutting, some deal with key programming, but none of them offer a service this convenient and quick.

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Without a doubt, we are the most dependable and trustworthy locksmith in Laois. However, even though we are county-wide, we are also very much local and can help you, regardless of whether you need an affordable residential locksmith in Newton or a reliable car locksmith in Portarlington.

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