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We do not live in a safe world. People are used to locking their doors and a certain dose of paranoia really is healthy. We are the most trustworthy locksmith in Leixlip that does everything from lock refits and unjamming to security audits. Whether your needs are urgent or not, you can rest assured that we are the ideal choice.

What Do We Do?

Like we said, we offer many services, that encompass the urgent and scheduled needs alike. We do key programming and cutting, lock refits, uPVC installation, car emergencies, security audits, and everything else that any locksmith does. They call us the most dependable locksmith in Leixlip for a reason.

Whatever your lock/key emergency, call us now!

We Are the Most Readily-Available Locksmith in Leixlip

We know that lock and key issues tend to occur at the most awkward of moments. You may be visiting The Wonderful Barn or the Leixlip Spa, and drop your car or house key somewhere. This is why having a preferred locksmith isn’t really such a bad idea. Having our digits on speed dial would be of tremendous help in these situations.

The best part with us is that we’ll arrive at your location in 20 minutes or less. That’s right, less than half an hour, wherever you are in the Kildare county.

We Take Pride in Our Service

We are qualified, trained, and ISO certified. You can rest assured that the Locksmith Boss of Kildare is the most exceptional, trustworthy locksmith service in Leixlip. Whatever your lock or key problem, we are absolutely positive that we’ve got it under control.

Residential Locks

When moving into a new home, changing the locks is inevitable. There are many locksmith professionals that offer this, but we guarantee you that we are much faster. Additionally, we can be there on the day of your move and finish up before the day ends. No lock or key presents a challenge for us.

Give us a challenge!

Commercial Locks

Need a new commercial lock? Need a general lock refit in your office space? Call us now and we’ll be there today. Making sure that your business is safe and protected is of utmost importance.

If you can’t find a perfect fit in our lock roster, we’re more than glad to give you a recommendation. If you know exactly what lock model you want and we don’t happen to have it in stock, we can have it delivered for you from anywhere in the world in no more than 5 business days.

Emergency Locksmith

We take emergencies very seriously. We know how awkward the key and lock issues can get and that is exactly why we’ve made ourselves available 24/7, even during the holidays.

Give us a call anytime!

Emergency Car Opening

Car keys snap and locks and ignitions tend to jam sometimes. This is why we’ve made our car service available 24/7, any day of the year. We’ll get to you in 20 minutes or less and get you back into your car promptly. Oh, and we won’t leave a mark on your car, that’s a guarantee.

On-Spot Key Cutting

Our service vehicles are equipped with the most cutting-edge technology when it comes to key cutting. Not only are we able to cut or reprogram any key on the planet, but we can also do it right there, on the spot.

uPVC Installation

Sturdy and resistant, the uPVC door and window locks are an extremely safe solution for your home. We can fit a uPVC lock onto any door or window in your home or office, regardless of its size, type, age or state.

A 24/7 Locksmith in Leixlip

We know how important safety is. We firmly believe that every locksmith should offer at least some service 24 hours a day. This is why you’ll be calling us the first time your current go-to locksmith can’t respond to your late-night emergency.

Give Us a Call Now!

If you need us to get to you and help you out of a nasty lock situation, you can call us now and check out why we are the best locksmith in Kildare, and beyond! Our prices are transparent and our rates comfortable. We use a special system that makes the whole booking process easy.

Our services are available in the entire Kildare county, so we can help you out regardless of whether you need a trustworthy residential locksmith in Maynooth or an affordable and transparent locksmith in Naas.

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