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There are a huge amount of reasons why choosing The Locksmith Dublin Boss to take care of your security needs is a great idea. Read on to find out why we are your trusted locksmith in Dublin 6!

Excellent Value For Money

We know that unexpected bills are a major frustration and can even cause a huge amount of stress if money is tight. This is why we always compare our pricing with other services, to make sure that we are remaining competitive.

We never charge callout fees even if you call us at 3 AM or on a Sunday. And before we begin the work, we will give you a breakdown of the cost and a timeframe for completion. This way, there are never any hidden charges.

Fully Licensed, Garda Vetted and Insured

Upon arrival, our technician will show you his identification so that you know you are dealing with a trusted, Garda vetted locksmith. All of our car locksmiths are ALA members and have the credentials to match.

ISO certification and our ongoing training seminars are all designed to ensure that every minute of your experience with our company is perfect and stress-free.

Insurance is very expensive for locksmith companies but of course, we don’t skimp here either. As you would expect we pay for the highest cover on the market. Just another way that we want to prove to you that The Locksmith Dublin Boss is the right company for the job.

High-Tech Equipment and Tools

A locksmith is really only as good as the tools he is provided with. Thankfully for our locksmiths in Dublin 6, we spare no expenses when it comes to our vans. Every last one is packed to the brim with all the latest technology. We are constantly on the lookout for any improved equipment that can help us do our job faster or better.

24/7 Emergency Service – 365 Days a Year

Not all security issues are an emergency, but some are, and there’s nothing worse than losing your keys in the middle of the night! But there’s no need to fret as our trusted locksmiths in Dublin are always standing by to aid you with whatever key or lock repairs you need us to carry out.

Whether you need emergency locksmith service near the River Dodder, or near Bambini Montessori School, our locksmiths in Dublin 6  are ready to help out.

Our phone line is always available and is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable staff. We have a swift response time of usually under 20 minutes. When our pro arrives, he will also work quickly to get you motoring again.

Make sure you keep our number stored in your phone so that you always have us on speed dial in an emergency locksmith situation. If you require a dependable locksmith in Dublin 4 or an emergency locksmith in Dublin 3, don’t hesitate to call us right away. Our team will be there in no time to provide prompt and efficient service to your utmost satisfaction.

Keys Locked in Your Car?

If you are suffering from a vehicle lockout, our rapid response team will take care of you. Dotted around Dublin city and county, our locksmiths are perfectly located to respond swiftly to all emergencies. They’ll get you back inside your car, truck or van in no time.

Our technicians are fully equipped for any job including repairing of locks, replacing ignitions, fixing key fobs and programming or flashing keys, duplicating keys, etc. All of these and more are all in a day’s work or our trusted locksmiths in Dublin 6.


Business or Home in Need of Higher Security?

Because we have so many years of experience, we always know the correct plan for every commercial or residential client. We are more than happy to advise you on the best solutions for improving security either in your house, condo or on your commercial building or business.

Of course, these are all carried out by our friendly and reliable locksmiths in Dublin 6. All budgets are welcomed.

  • Lock repairs
  • Key cutting
  • New uPVC doors and windows
  • Security bars
  • Alarm installation
  • Central locking solutions
  • Multi-point access control
  • Monitoring systems
  • Professional security audits

New Lock Refits Are Quick and Easy

If you need new locks fitted after purchasing a new condo or house then we can get that done for you promptly. Our locksmiths in Dublin 6 can completely upgrade the lock for improved security or just change the cylinders to rekey the lock.

Why not also get us to install some deadbolts or completely upgrade your front and rear doors whilst we are at it. We have a range of colours and finishes to match all tastes.

Promoting Good Security Habits in Everyday Life

To make sure that you always keep your home and business safe. It’s wise to adopt some everyday habits. Before you leave your house always make sure your windows are closed. Or even better leave them on the security latch, so even if you do forget to close them, nobody can break in.

Always get into the habit of setting your house alarm. Some people get lazy and don’t bother to set it sometimes. This is very risky.

Likewise, before leaving your car, make sure that all the windows are completely up; otherwise, someone could find a way to break in.

Window locks, ventilation locks, mailbox locks are also wise to consider.

Expect Only the Best Service from Our Locksmiths in Dublin 6

Our dedicated teams have all the skills and tools needed to provide a top quality service that we are certain you’ll be happy with. 

To ensure that you get the greatest value for money the highest quality workmanship and efficient service from start to finish then calling The Locksmith Boss of Dublin is what you need to do!

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