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City life simply isn’t safe enough to leave your doors unlocked, and having a non-functioning, or unsafe lock is almost an equivalent. Wherever you might find yourself in the city of Dublin, you should have a locksmith who can get to you quickly and help you out of a bad situation. We are that 24/7 locksmith Dublin that you’re looking for.

You can rest assured that we are the most capable locksmith in Whitehall that can get to you quickly and solve your lock issues. Call and join us now!

Anywhere in Dublin

You may lose your key while taking a stroll in the St. James’s Park, or simply end up locked out in front of the Trafalgar Studios. Either way, you’ll want a locksmith that can quickly and efficiently get you out of a bad situation. Call now if you’re experiencing an emergency!

The Most Dependable Locksmith in Whitehall

With most locksmiths, it really comes down to their speciality. Sure, they’ll all be able to cut your keys, but some may not offer residential refit services, while others will refer you to another pro if you contact them about car lock trouble. When it comes to the Locksmith Dublin Boss, you needn’t worry, because we specialize in everything from installing uPVC locks, to commercial refits and key programming.

Our Team

Our team of professionals stands at the ready. We make sure that they are as qualified as possible and that they have impeccable records. We are the most trustworthy locksmiths in Whitehall and we are proud to be at your service.

Call us now and see why we’re the best!

A Perfect Residential Locksmith

If you’re planning your move to Whitehall, or even if today is your move day, you can rest assured that we can be there for you. Call us now and we’ll get to you on the day of your move and be out of your hair before you’re finished moving. Call us now and you won’t even notice that we’re there!

The Most Popular Commercial Locksmith in Whitehall

Don’t worry, we know all about how expensive business equipment can get, and it is essential that you keep it absolutely safe. The range of commercial locks that we have in offer is likely more than enough to satisfy your needs, and we’re more than happy to help you pick a perfect one for you.

However, if you’ve already found your ideal lock online, and we don’t happen to have it in stock (which is highly unlikely), we can order and get it for you in 5 business days or less, from any place on the planet.


There isn’t a locksmith in Dublin that’s as readily available as the Locksmith Dublin Boss. We stand at the ready, 24/7, any day of the year, including holidays, so we don’t care whether you call us at 3 am, or on a Sunday afternoon. What we do care about is being quick, efficient and seeing a happy customer come back to us.

Looking for an emergency locksmith? Give us a call!

Urgent Car Opening

Locked out of your vehicle? Call us, and we’ll be on our way to your location and there in 20, and that’s a guarantee, wherever you call us from in Dublin. Regardless of your vehicle type and age, we can unlock any lock, no matter how old, or how complex. Naturally, we won’t leave a single mark on your car after we’re done.

Key Cutting

Any locksmith will cut you a key, it’s a no-brainer really. But you won’t easily find one that is able to cut and program literally any key on the market, including the wireless ones. Well, until you’ve stumbled upon us, that is. No key presents a challenge for us.

Here’s another bonus: we can get to you in 20 minutes and cut/program your key right then and there, no questions asked! That’s right, we have all the necessary technology to be able to do this.

uPVC Locks

Locks don’t come more resilient than the uPVC, really. These sturdy units have been popular on the market for a while now, and we can tell you that everything they are advertised as is absolutely true. We can install uPVC locks on any door of your preference, regardless of its shape, size, condition or type. Get your uPVC locks now!

The Most Dependable Locksmith in Whitehall

What does it mean to be truly the most dependable? For us, it means that we are available everywhere in town. It means being local, but being city-wide, too. We are the most reliable and readily available locksmith in Dublin, and we aren’t shy about making this claim.

Our rates are transparent and our prices reasonable, so no matter if you’re looking for an affordable and trusted locksmith in Tyrrelstown, or a trustworthy vehicle locksmith in Walkinstown, we’re more than available. Check out our user-friendly booking program now!

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